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My First Blog! Never Done it before. Conspiracy Contents!

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 12:50 AM
Dear ATS'er's:

I've created my first blog, and was hoping to get your insight on what you think of it, I hope the mods don't care.

Here is what I wrote:
Dear Readers,
I must warn you my opinion is going to be biased on this matter because I'm nineteen and don't especially want my peers or myself to go to war, but if asked, we will.
As cabinet members of the Bush adminstration slowly subvert the media into reporting on Iran and how it supposidly has a nuclear program for non-peaceful means, I am reminded of a time prior to our pre-emptive strike on Iraq. They are slowly beginning to instruct the orchestra that sent us into a perceived threat, the same perceived threat mirroring that of the war on Iraq. First they send out eco's of how Iran is run by islamic extremists, which is quite the contrary. Then Condi starts talking about the development of centrifuges, then Dick naturally becomes a spouts propaganda rhetoric in dick style.
Lets look at Iran for a moment, or the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is a constitutional Islamic Republic, whose political system is laid out in the 1979 constitution called Qanun e Asasi. Iran's makeup has several intricately connected governing bodies, some of which democratically elected, some of which operating by on religious expertise, that influence matters of state.
According toIran's constitution, the Supreme Leader of Iran is responsible for the delineation and supervision of "the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran." The Supreme Leader is commander-in-chief of the armed forces and controls the Islamic Republic's intelligence and security operations; he alone can declare war.
After the office of Leadership, the President of Iran is the highest official in the country. His is the responsibility for implementing the Constitution and acting as the head of the executive, except in matters directly concerned with (the office of) the Leadership. According to the law, all presidential candidates must be approved by the Council of Guardians.
Now, contrary to what President Bush would have us believe, Iran is actually a well-developed democracy. So, why does President Bush insist on it being a Islamic extremist state? Perhaps because of past inconvenices involving our embassy there, oil, stubborness to stick to his plan on the axis of evil, or his fantasy of immulating the Reagan era of, "tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev!" Whatever it is I hope someone could advise him in a way that he would listen and not be so blatantly ignorant to the facts.
Iran is not a threat to the United States of America, if it developed nuclear weapons it would only have the capability to send it to Europe, and they wouldn't do that because in one nanosecond all of those responsible would meet their maker sooner than expected. Secondly, if given to a terrorist organization the CIA could easily trace the product back to Iran, and the previous scenario would happen. Either way, the Iranians leaders would meet their maker by doing any such action.
What troubles me more than anything is the short attention span of the American public and press. We, America, use 9/11 to justify our wars yet we have completely forgot about Osama Bin Laden. The Bush administration somehow has put a tight-leash on the media so that they are unable to remind us. My words seem as lunacy to even myself, but it is the reality. A reality that we don't like to hear about and eventually it comes down to two powers that control one another equally, politics and corporations.
Thank you for reading,
Enigma America

[edit on 01/27/2005 by TheBigD]

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:28 AM
can I ask You a question? How do you figure out the
Ph thing and link your stories to here? I have a blog
and cannot u nderstand the internet slang. Any advice? Thanks

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