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Best friend

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 11:50 PM
This is a poem I wrote about 3 years ago- at least the first 9 stanzas, the last couple are new. I don't normally share much of my poetry but this one sort of grabbed me when I remembered it.

I know you've seen a lot of me,
Seen things I'd like to hide.
I'm not scared because it's you;
You're always on my side.

Remember I was six years old,
My parents got divorced,
Every day I spent at home,
You knew that I was forced.
I never went to far back then,
But I chose to run and hide,
If I had needed to run farther,
I trust you'd be my guide.

I knew I could escape to you,
When I bore too great a load.
You'd take me where I want to go,
My oldest friend- the road.

Remember I had aged three years,
But still got pushed around?
That bully pushed me once too much,
That time I stood my ground.
I bled but didn't cry that day,
I held the pain inside,
I may not have won the fight,
But I won a little pride.

I knew you wouldn't mock me,
Nor tout the courage that I showed.
You just watched me learn to be a man,
On rough San Nigel Road.

Remember, after 7th grade,
When I tried to change it all.
New muscles, new style, and new ideas
I even played football that fall.
None of that could make me cool,
No matter what I tried.
There were a few who I called my friends,
But I guess that they just lied.

Many friends have turned away from me,
Yet I am never quite alone:
I still have all the thoughts that come,
When I am on the road.

There is more I know you've seen,
You've been here my whole life.
You know about my lonely drives,
And how I miss my almost-wife.
I never will go back to her,
I know I'm right inside,
I know I did what's best but still,
I mourn my near-miss bride.

I've got my car and it's got tunes,
For when I've got to ride
With windows down and music up
The road is where I hide.
I know I'll go back when I'm done,
I'm just lightening my load,
But one day when I've had enough,
It will be a one way road.

Three years later, here I am,
And you're still on my side.
I got farther than i thought,
Without that one-way ride.

Two-hundred sixty pounds of me
Went thumping up your hills
Less marched 'cross the grinder
Knees high and driving heels.
You've seen me at my best
The long road to the Corps
My family never got to see
Their boy turned man of war.

We shared my finest hours
And also when it slowed.
I'm welcome with you anyway
My oldest friend- the road.

Hours on my back with you
Cursing, covered in grease
No money for a mechanic
And the problems never cease
I aimed for more than this
And I'll have it- I'm no fool
What was I waiting for anyway
I should have gone to school.

I don't belong on the street
Don't wanna end up in the cold
Let's talk about a change of paths
I think best on the road.

Wherever I go, whatever I do
I always end up here
Seeking answers on the radio
And burning up 4th gear
A Vagabond I truly am
Destined perhaps to roam
A map won't do me any good
I just find my way on the road.

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 02:31 PM
i like your poem you should share more of them

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 02:35 PM
Thats such a moving poem, and I agree, you should post more of them.

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 04:23 AM
I've decided that this poem will continue to grow for the rest of my life. It will in fact be an autobiography of sorts of me.

I've added a little more just recently- two days ago infact, while I was just bumming around campus waiting for a class to start. (As I had in mind when I wrote the last stanza, I've finally gotten into college- a freshman fully 4 years after graduating highschool. I'm planning to go into politics and fight the good and futile fight against what I see as a system gone horribly horribly wrong. Hence this stanza, which isn't quite as clear as some of the others)

My day is coming, on it's way:
I've finally set my course.
Tho' a hard road lies ahead,
I'll pit my will 'gainst any force.
The Vagabond may not remain
When I have won the day
If my country should become my home
And I build a place to stay.

Great men sometimes lose,
As history's often told.
But if I build a nation,
Leading out, I'll build a road.

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