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Iran Claims Israel Kidnaps Babies

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 12:28 PM
When we adopted our daughter from Bolivia, we were
warned that countries in South America think people from the
United States adopt children, just to sell them for organs and
tissue research. We were told this is a common belief. Well,
it looks like Iran has it's mythical baby snatching boogie men
too .... Israel (of course)

Excerpt -

Israel National News
Iran Claims Israel Kidnaps Babies
16:12 Feb 14, '05 / 5 Adar 5765

An Israeli boat patrolling near Iran is holding kidnapped babies
to be used later for their organs, according to a new Iranian
television program.

"We are talking about children no one cares about [and who]
have been kidnapped on the excuse of being concerned for them,
and after they mature, the Zionists uses their hearts, kidneys and
other organs," the TV presentation charges on the Iranian Shahar

"We presented only a small part of the Zionist crimes," Alawii told
an Iranian interview. "While we worked on the film, we received
information, even from Jews who identify with our viewpoint. They
themselves are anti-Zionist. The information they supplied us makes
us sorry we already finished the film. It is too bad we didn’t have this
information when we produced [it].

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