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Clues to the Murderers of 9-11

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posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 09:18 PM
A very good read it points out some things most have forgotten or are completely avoided. I’m starting to wear this phrase out but, Food for thought.

Clues to the Murderers of 9-11

There was no stand down on 9-11. The USAF performed exactly as it should when a Field Training Exercise (FTX) is planned.

On September 11th, 2001 several War Games were being staged. War Games included (a) Northern Guardian and (b) Vigilant Guardian (NORAD), (c) CIA/NRO, (d)MASCAL (Pentagon).

The security of the United States was at its peak on 9/11—Threatcon Delta. There was absolutely no doubt regarding the readiness of NORAD, NRO, FAA, Military, CIA and FBI on that day. But the line staff did not know that the activity on their screens was real instead of the mock exercise. War Games were used to trick the line staff into inaction.

But how would Osama bin Laden obtain access to the Pentagon to ascertain the dates and missions of the Field Training Exercises and to issue orders to hide a terrorist attack within an ongoing FTX?

And how would the precision of the attack be managed with the resources of the Mujahideen? The only way that bin Laden would know the details of these exercises would be if someone in the government or Pentagon told him.

Unless he had the means and opportunity to discover, manage, and take over these field exercises we must look elsewhere for the 9-11 perpetrators.

System Planning Corporation has the technology and has worked with the Pentagon for 25 years. Their Flight Termination System has the capability to take over control of up to 10 flights and terminate their mission. FTS can obtain control and navigate aircraft hundreds of miles apart from a central location. On their website they describe their Flight Termination System:


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