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Question meets Answer

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posted on Dec, 3 2017 @ 10:43 PM
Question was sitting around thinking one day, it seemed to be all he was capable of, when a new question popped into his head.

Speaking out loud, Question wondered,"Where can I find the Answer?"

"Allow me to introduce myself.", said a voice that suddenly appeared. "My name is Answer."

Question - How do I know you are Answer?

Answer - You don't.

Question - Then why should I believe you?

Answer - I am not asking you to believe me, I am simply answering you.

Question did not know if he should be worried or excited about what was happening, but he was intrigued.

Question - Okay then Answer. What is the Truth?

Answer - The truth is what is.

Question - What?!

Answer - The truth is what is.

Question - No. I mean, I heard what you said. Okay. Lets try this. Can you expand on your answer, so that I may be able to destinguish the...the...What are you talking about?

Answer - About what Truth is.

Question - I Get That Part! I Know What We Are Talki.!......Okay. Could you explain it another way?

Answer - Yes.

Question: visibly irriritated by Answer's answer : - WOULD YOU EXPLAIN IT!.....sighs.....Would you please explain it in another wa............Phone Rings..........

"Hello?", Answer questioned, "I see. I will meet you there." "I have to go.", Said Answer, "My bother needs my imediate attention."

"But...but..", sputtered Question. "I am sorry." Interupted Answer, "My brother is in constant need of my help."

"Just one last question?", Question shouted out.

"Make it quick.", responded Answer as he was leaving.

Furiously trying to think of a question, Question shouts out,"WHO IS YOUR BROTHER?!".

As if fading into nothingness he heard a shout,"My Father's Son!".....

Phone rings. Question answers,"Hello?" Question's eye's widened as he shouted into the phone,"Your taking this crap a little to far Sarcasm!".

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