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Offering Ultimatums without Diplomacy is Bush League

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 08:23 PM
In recent days have been wathing Ms rice go around mandating more democratic rights in Russia, that Iran needs to abandon her nuclear desires, and that N Korea should rethink her position regaring nuclear weapons.

In my thinking, countrys overall dont react well to saber rattling. Koreas nuclear deterent has already given her a position on which to get the United States to come to the table and talk. Isnt it interesting that when there is a balance in power in terms of an imminent threat that we have to rethink negotiations.

Knowing this, is it any wonder that Koreas example at the bargaining table is something of an incentive to other nations who witnessed our nation attack another nation in the name of freedom? While I must support what has been done as we cannot roll back the clock on Iraq, if we do not learn from our mistakes in dimplomacy or assess the damages both to our credibilty as well as to the human loss of life, then we may endup with a roadmap to war in the name of peace.

So, in what I have written above, lets use an ongoing example that many of us are familiar with and see the problem with saber rattling without diplomacy.
In watching the peace process with Palestine and Israel, it appears that Hammas and the settlers are trying to put words in Sharons mouth as well as Hammas with abbas. Try sayin that three times fast!!.lol
Their leaders are pushing for peace and these groups as presenting resistence despite not representing the masses. Maybe its time that those 8000 settlers and HAMMAS be given a territory of their own. How about parking the whole group ( 8000 settlers and Hammas ) in the West Bank and walling it off. May the best man win. This whole thing seem so ludicrous when peace appears to be attainable. Hammas not participating in a Cease fire?
Isnt that terrorism? The settlers not uprooting? Isnt that non compliance for a greater good? Do they like the bombings? This is insanity. Come see the power of a D8. Perhaps Israel and Palestine need to allie together in a common good. To put an end to the bloodshed as all the saber rattling has lead to countless needless deaths.

People of Israel and Palestine, show the Bush administration that if you can bury the hatchet depsite severe cultural and religious differences that we can take a lesson in the roadmap to peace...and it doest mean Piece as in weapon.

So, when war come regardless of diplomacy, is it really so hard to understand Iran or Koreas needs? I dont think so. Iraq told us they had NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION> powell said they were not a factor and blah blah blah.
End result. Nodda. Zip. They were in compliance and many innocent people died. Agreed, Sadaam had to go..but lets not force our position on a lie.
Word on the street is we do what the hell we want to. Sad but true.
The pen is mightier then the sword and this forum is proof positive.
Might dont make right. and that is the lessonn of Iraq.


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