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Reikuro's ATS Story

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 02:50 PM
Ok here is my really bad story
I know its bad because Im really busy right now and I needed something to do so I decided to right this. I work on this when ever I have free time. The chapters aren't that long tho, just so ya know, and it has a bad title

A Run For Life

(BTW this story starts off in first person than switches to third, just so you don’t get confused.)

“…and what happens when you reveal that you are working for the CIA? You get 16 rounds of bullets lodged in your skull! How do I know this? Before my brother was ruthlessly murdered by the CIA he told me. The CIA barged into the house and fired 16 rounds of bullets into his skull…why am I risking my safety posting this? Because people need to know the truth about the CIA and how deadly it can be!...”

That was my post… that was the post that changed my life forever… the post that brought me many friends… and took many from me…this is my story.

It was late at night, a young girl at the age of 14 sat at her computer tears in her eyes as she posted about her brothers death. Her brother was killed by the CIA for releasing information about his job to the love of his life. The small monkey sitting on her shoulder whipped a tear from her eye with his tail.

“Thanks Saru… don’t worry…they will pay for killing Kei…if it’s the last thing I do...”

“Sir, Keiroku Sasaki has been successfully relieved of his duties...but there’s a small problem…”

“What it is?”

“His younger sister… Reikuro Sasaki… has posted on a website about it…she knows we killed him Sir…”

“Send the WR Team after her…”

“…but Sir! She’s only 14!”

“DO IT!”

“…Yes Sir…”

Rei woke up the next morning to banging at her door, the banging of the CIA’s WR Team. This didn’t affect Rei though… she knew…she knew that the CIA would come after her for what she wrote. Rei quickly jumped up, grabbed a pre-packed bag she had made after the post, knowing she would need it. She scooped up the monkey named Saru who was deep asleep and ran out the back door, not looking back, not slowing down. Staying at a steady pass…running from her home, running from her life… running from her past.

New chapter up soon

[edit on 11-2-2005 by Reikuro]

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 04:57 PM
I like how you wrote that last sentence, it was really powerful. Can't wait until the next chapter!

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 01:58 PM
Heh good luck on that one, real busy lately

and by busy I mean no energy to do anything, I even managed to mess up my knitting -burns knitting to the ground
and the piano

I need some new characters so If you wanna have someone based on you in it tell me
im allmost ALLWAYS found in chat

posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 08:18 PM
I wouldn't mind being a character in your story. Feel free to put me in there story is good dude. You have a vivid imagination


posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 09:57 PM
Yes, please add me into your story as well! BTW, if you like this story, you'll probably like mine. A link to it is in my sig.

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 03:54 PM
New chapter comming up this weekend hopefully

Sorry its been so long guys, my grades arent doing that good and I've had project after project and been so busy with other things, AND I haven't been in the writing mood for a long time (talk about bad luck)

So if you want to be in the story send me a U2U and kinda tell me what you want your character to be like.
I allready have a few members in the comming chapter

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Guess what guys....NEW CHAPTER! -dances- finally got it done (in the mood for writing

well here it is

“How is she?” The female’s soft voice broke the silence in the room.

“She seems to be doing better, the fever went away…” said the voice of another female.

“What do you think caused it? A cold in the middle of summer?”

“One, summer colds are common. And two, it seems like she was running; she was out of breath and sweating when she passed out on our lawn. Only the front of her clothes were wet from the rain, and her hair, and the back was perfectly dry, hence meaning she was in a rush running against the wind and the way the rain was falling.” A male’s voice broke the conversation as both females turned to see the man leaning against the door frame.

The man was tall, around 6 feet and was muscular, but on the thinner side. His black hair was spiked up slightly, and had two long strands of black hair running down his face in the front. He wore black pants as well as a black T-shirt with a white blazer over it. His skin was tanned evenly from the sun and his gold eyes flickered with the light. He slowly walked over to the girl nearest to him, the owner of the softer voice.

“She will be fine, she was just running and got really tired, and finally passed out in front of our house. Get her some dry clothes will you Asala?” The man’s voice was soft, and caring, but it sounded like he was not the man to mess with.

Asala nodded. Her hair was long and black, her bangs grown out, and her violet eyes flickered slightly with excitement. She walked past the man and over to her room to grab some clothes. She was around 5 feet 8 inches and wore a darker pair of jeans, and a snug red T-Shirt with Minnie Mouse on the front. She grabbed a pair of jeans like the ones she was wearing and a black T-Shirt with Minnie Mouse’s face on the back and a pocket in the front with the Mickey Mouse symbol on it. She walked back into the room and handed the other female the clothing.

“Here ya go, Rel”

The other female was kneeling at the couch where Reikuro lay unconscious. She smiled at Asala and brushed some of Rei’s hair out of her face. She seemed older than the other two, but only by a few years, they all looked pretty young. She wore a pair of jeans and a maroon sweater. Her brown hair was long and wavy; her bangs falling in front of her brown eyes and reaching down to the tip of her nose, spread out to each side.

Rei’s suddenly sat up at looked at Rel, then to Asala, and finally her eyes landed on the man. She growled slightly, her crimson eyes staring at the man. Her long red (a natural red, like a red-brown but more on the red side) hair was messy and falling in front of her face. She looked down and noticed she was only wearing a pair of boxers that belonged to her brother and a tank-top, the clothes she had under her baggy pants and sweater that she had last worn. She grabbed the blanket Rel had put down on her and tried to cover herself.

“WHO ARE YOU” She screamed, she continued glaring at the man, not blinking once. Her crimson eyes were red around the white of her eye, seeming like something was bothering her eyes. She slowly took the crimson contacts out of her eyes, revealing cold, icy blue eyes. She glared back up at the man, and then to Asala and Rel.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going to hurt you. I am Asala, and this here is my sister Mel, we call her Rel though, because she can be so relentless at times” Asala smiled softly, a few laughs escaping from her lips. “We found you in front of our lawn, you had passed out, what are you doing way out here, are you visiting your grandparents; the other people on this street are all old geezers…”

“….No….everyone in my family is dead…because of you! I know what’s going on here! You guys kidnapped me when I passed out, your working for the CIA! Your on the WR Team! YOU KILLED KEIROKU!” Rei was yelling now, her eyes looked as if she was on the verge of tears, but she didn’t cry any more, she didn’t know why….one day she just stopped crying, and after that she couldn’t cry anymore.

“Calm down kid… we aren’t a part of the WR Team OR the CIA” the man glared at Asala “You forgot to introduce me….” He looked back to Rei and quietly spoke “They call me either Deisutaru, or Lucifer…don’t ask why it’s a long story….” His eyes flickered slightly with the light “Your brother…you said the CIA killed him…tell me more…”

“…My brother…Keiroku Sasaki….he….he worked for a top secret part of the CIA….an area that had tested things on humans….tested new weapons…new drugs….they were hiding something…like they were going to do something big….when my brother tried to tell me he got 16 bullets lodged in his skull….I was hiding under his bed when this happened” Rei’s eyes looked like they were about to cry again, but she didn’t, she just looked down to the ground for a moment and then shot her head back up “WHERE IS SARU!” she looked franticly around the room “TELL ME NOW! WHERE IS HE!”

“Calm down there…..first, if Saru is the monkey, then he’s fine, he is in the other room sleeping. Second, what’s your name?” Rel had placed her hand on Rei’s back and then shot it back when Rei had shouted about the monkey.

“I’m Reik…Reikuro Sasaki…”

Common like you didn't see that comming....Asala and Rel being sisters? They are all alike and so nice, they HAVE to be related...I think theres something they arent telling us...

either that or they're lovers o_O

anyways, thats the chapter, hope you like it (I have it all in my head, but I really think theres going to be a huge twist in the story that will surprise even me! I just type and type not really thinking some...-shrugs-)

Anyways I need new charas U2U me!

btw, if you dont have a clue who Deisutaru is then guess .........................................................................................................................ITS DAYSTAR! yup....his name means Lucifer and if you are yahoo messanger you will understand the Deisutaru thing...

New chapter in the future....hopefully...

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 05:54 PM
Yes, I admit it.... I am Lucifer, The Lightbringer

Very good Reiku... I always knew As and Rel were sisters

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 06:04 PM

Very good Reiku... I always knew As and Rel were sisters

or lovers....o_O

emm...lets not get into that O_o

yesh you are Lucifer, Daystar = bringer of light = lucifer o_O ....ya.....

if cpr comes in he will be called Lucy Fer

posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 04:35 PM
Chapter 3 is....complete -bows- it seems like I cant stop writting now (at least until I get bored) which is different then not writing at all...

a/n means authors note, umm what else...guess thats all you need to know, here ya go

“I’m Rei…Reikuro Sasaki…”

“You were right then Deisutaru…. Keiroku’s sister was going to wind up meeting us” Asala softly spoke, her eyes slowly closing as the light coming from the window’s made her skin glow softly.

“Hmmm…but it was sooner than I expected….we might have to change all of the plans…” Deisutaru spoke, followed by a long silence.

“Luc [a/n: Luc is short for Lucifer aka Deisutaru ] ….if we change the plans now though, it could screw up the whole mission…” Rel’s voice interrupted silence “What about the others? We can’t change the plans and get the new plans to them in time!”

“What are you talking about!?” Rei shouted, she was tired of hearing these strange people talk about missions, and plans. She wanted to know what was going on, it sounded like she was already put in these plans with out her knowing.

“If you would quit shouting I might tell you!” Deisutaru shouted back at her.

“Oh yeah!? Well how about I call the cops on you people for kidnapping me!”

“Oh, that’ll work…You passed out on our lawn! We didn’t kidnap you! And even if you did, they would hand you over to the CIA! Like it or not, we’re the only people you can trust right now!”

Asala opened her eyes again and looked to Rel “They sound exactly like when Kei and Luc used to get into arguments…”

Rel nodded to Asala “That they do….that they do…”

Rei and Deisutaru were both glaring each other, straight in the eyes. By the looks of it, they didn’t like each other, but Rei didn’t like anyone at first. She wondered about what Deisutaru said, are they really the only ones that she can trust? Would her old friends turn her in?

“So… here’s how it is.... your brother, Keiroku, was one of us. He had gotten a job at the CIA secret department agency, but he was really a rebel, our plan was to destroy the members of the CIA they were planning on waging war….and some day…ruling the world” Deisutaru spoke with soft anger in his voice.

Rei looked at Deisutaru, she wasn’t sure if she should believe this. She had seen so many things lately that she couldn’t believe, and this topped the list. Allthough…almost every thing on that list was true…. Was this true as well?

“….How do I know I can trust you?”

“You have to…”

“…Fine…I’m in on this plan of yours…. Only to get revenge on my brother’s death though…”

Rel’s voice interupted their conversation “To get revenge on Keiroku’s death…”

Asala also joined in “We can’t let them get away with killing him so mindlessly…”

Deisutaru spoke again “We wont…”

Rei’s soft voice spoke in again “We will not….”

My stupid ending ^_^ sorry its so short

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 12:25 PM
Im really starting to like this

its soooo exciting, wish you was writting more though

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 04:34 PM
Reik is actually probably going to write alot more, its Spring and that means less time outside and more time on computer! (or was it the other way around....

New chapter will be up soon, I cant remember if I started it or not tho....

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 10:03 PM
cmon reiku!

i am curious to know what Deisutaru alias Lucifer alias Luc is going to do!

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 08:54 AM
I would be writting this weekend (now) but Im grounded and cant go on comp, and friend is sleeping over (no body cept me and her are over now)

BTW, congrats on becomming a mod Day, every bodys becomming a mod o_O...

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 08:02 PM
need to read next chapter. i can't wait Reikuro.

posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 10:37 AM
“So…when’s the other short person coming in?” Luc’s voice spoke again as they all sat at the table eating random foods.

“Are you calling me short?” Rei sent a glare towards Luc [a/n: Luc is pronounced Luke]

“What if I am?” Luc glared back at Rei.

“Umm…Luc dear, if your talking about Chris then, yes. He will be in any min-“

Rel’s voice was cut of when the door swung open as a boy around Rei’s age walked in. He had short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a pair of dark jeans and a grey T-shirt with a red backpack on him. He walked over to the table and looked to Asala and Rel as he nodded to them, then nodding to Luc and then blinking at Rei.

“Who’s she?”

“I’m Reikuro, who’re you?” Rei sent a glare towards the boy.

“That’s Chris, a.k.a. Lucy-Fer the other short person. He’s one of us. Chris, that’s Keiroku’s sister” Asala spoke up after she swallowed her coffee.

“Hmm… Keiroku had a sister?” Chris shrugged and walked away sitting on the couch as he started randomly flipping through TV channels.

“Rei, I know you must be so strained, but we wanted to know if you would like to live here with us, and if you wanted to go ice skating or something today? To have some fun?” Asala sent a soft and warm smile towards Rei as Rei nodded slightly.


“Alright then, get in the car guys!” Luc spoke with slight excitement in his voice as he jumped up, running up the stairs to get changed.

“In my time here…I’ve never seen him act so…”

“Childish? Excited?” Rel smiled and laughed a bit as Asala joined in on the laughing.


“Luc is very…. Childish and excited when he really likes something….and he loves ice skating…”

Rei blinked and nodded some. Suddenly a large yell was heard from the room next to them. Asala, Rel, and Rei all jumped up and ran into the room where Chris was on the ground with Saru [Rei’s monkey for those who forgot] chewing on his arm.

“Oy! Saru!” Rei shouted as Saru jumped off Chris and climbed onto Rei’s shoulder, his tail wrapped around the back of her shoulders.

“Stupid monkey…. I bet it’s with the squirrels” Chris muttered as he walked off to put on some clean clothes.

~*~At the Ice Skating rink~*~

Rei, Asala, Rel, Luc, Chris, and Saru all where putting on their ice skates, getting ready to go out on the ice.

“Just tell me one thing…. WHY IS THE MONKEY PUTTING ON ICE SKATES?!” Chris shouted blinking at the monkey.

“What? Saru can’t have any fun now? Aw look! You made him sad…” Rei pouted looking at the monkey with the sad look on it’s face.

They all got their skates on and went skating in different directions around the rink. Asala and Luc where skating in the left corner, Rel and Chris in the right corner, and Rei and Saru in the middle of the rink. Rei skated over towards Rel with Saru trailing behind her.

“So, you and Asala are sisters…what about Luc?” Rei looked towards Luc and Asala who were talking while skating side by side. Saru was busy chewing on the shouting Chris’s arm again.

“Luc isn’t related to us…Asala and Luc have something between them…. Neither of them will admit having feelings for the other…its’ more of a crush thing…”

At that moment, Asala tripped on the ice landing in Luc’s arms as they both went a deep crimson. Asala quickly stood up as they both skated over to Rei and the others.

“So… what now?” Rei blinked looking from Rel, to Asala, and then to all of the others.

Happy now? a/n: means author's note:

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