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NEWS: Hundreds of U.S. citizens likely died in gulags

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 12:44 PM
This has been an on going question for decades both with the Korean War as well as the Veitnam war. From the preliminary report, it looks like the USSR used our captured troops as slave labor. Let's hope that they can now at least give the families of these POW/MIA's some closure on knowing what happened to their husbands, sons, brothers etc.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. military service members may have been imprisoned and died in Soviet forced-labor camps during the 20th century, according to a Pentagon report to be released Friday.
Researchers for the U.S.-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs have been investigating unconfirmed reports of Americans who were held prisoner in the so-called gulags.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I myself have a grandfather who has been listed as MIA since the Korean War. I am sincerely hoping that the proof will also include records of who the prisoners were.
This is very reminiscent of a few years ago by Japan who allowed captured Koreans and their descendants the option of returning home after more than 40 years of enslavement

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 01:00 PM
I'm sorry to hear that your grandfather is a Korean War MIA.

My dad is a Korean War vet. He made it out okay.

I don't think our country should have stopped looking for the MIA
from Korea and Vietnam. Of course .... John Kerry is one of the Sens.
who pushed through the 'no one is left there anymore' statements
... paving the way for his relatives to open business' in Vietnam.

There probably aren't any American's left alive over there, but years
ago I betchya' there were. No links .. no info ... just my feelings.
We left them there, or let them be taken to the old USSR for slave
labor. It's sickening.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 03:25 PM
This has been adressed before by other soviat leaders. It was said it would be worked on but I have heard little about it until now. Hopefully they can at least come up with a list of names so we know who was taken and died. That is at least more then the families have now.


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