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The REAL Body Count - How to get an accurate number.

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posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 10:33 AM
I just had an idea I wanted to bounce off of all of you.

I don't believe the body count (U.S.) in Iraq is at all accurate.

WHAT IF.. there was a message board system set up, where everyone (all 'coalition' countries) who has lost someone in Iraq was able to post a message about their departed one who gave the 'ultimate sacrifice'.

Here is how I'm thinking it would work.

A bunch of topics.. one topic for each coalition country.

You put the name (last first), rank and branch of the deceased in to the SUBJECT line.. under the country the soldier belonged to. This way if the subjects were sorted in alphabetical order it would be easy to find duplicate entries. In the message body one could write some nice things about the deceased.

All you'd need to do is to let people know that the message board exists. The families would contact each other and encourage each other to enter their loved ones data. The idea being that we'd have a more accurate picture of just who and how people are dying in this war.

Actually.. if the 'message board' was set up more like a database (I have no idea how to use one - excuse me if I'm inaccurate here) then I believe some very interesting information could be aquired from it.

The only problem would be if people didn't use it. But I think most people who have lost someone in this rediculas war would want to participate in order to 'just do SOMETHING' for their loved one. No?

What do you think? I'd bet that in the end it would turn out that the number of deaths is WAY WAY higher then the pentagon is letting on. And we'd know really just how many have died. When the truth would be revealed this war would be over in no time at all.. and Bush would be tossed out of office.

This is what I'm thinking anyways. What do you guys think?

Know anyone who'd want to set something like this up?


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