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American self loathing

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posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 04:26 AM

I was shocked to hear of US university professor esousing the belef that those who dies in the 9/11 attacks were "little eichmans" who got what they deserved, and espousing praise for the "combat tems" and thier "heroic actions"
But I never magined in my wildest dreams that american students would, apparently n thier thousands, applaud such a distorted view.

It would seem that there is a battle going on for the soul of America, a Battle between those who hate themselves and thier country, those who are ashamed of the fact that we, and we alone, are the worlds only remaining super power, those would hope for the destructon of thier nation and thier families, and those who love, cherish, support, protect, and defend our great nation.

There is a war beng waged by those on the farthest left of the spectrum against all of us lib or con, a war for the hearts minds and souls of Americas youth. It is a war which t is our responsibilty to win.
Whether you are democrat or Republican, constitutionalist, or lbertarian, All who love this country must see the rot, and ttempted subversion being spread by those who would like nothng more than too see our union humbled, shackled, and patroled by UN blue helmets.

Men like this must be opposed, not by violence but by passion, reason, and hope.

Fight against those who hate themselves, speak out and do not let men such as this spout thier drivel without unchalllenged.


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