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Chinese New Year 4702

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 03:34 PM

The year of the Yin(-) Rooster teaches the lessons of order,
scrutiny and strategic planning. (...)

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then there's this tidbit found at

about (western)2005 = (chinese) 4702 being a Widow's Year
because, oddly & rarely this year has no Start Of Spring observance
-known as 'Li Chun' - which makes it a BAD year in which to marry!

since my mind wanders down mazelike avenues, the two symbols which characterize the year 2005...the Rooster and Widow's Year....

brings to mind that the Jesus personage spoke to one Disciple of his(Peters') soon to transpire Denial of knowing (Jesus) him, three times even before the Rooster Crows!
--> is the year 2005 the period of the "Falling Away" at the end-times?

anyhow, there are no coincidences...just links & connections we must decipher to gain a better understanding as to where we are in prophetic timelines....
happy new years


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