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Trump's War on Science

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posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: Grimpachi

It looks like lunacy and short-sightedness when a First World nation starts cutting its science budget. We live in a world that's increasingly driven by technology and it pays to stay at the front of the curve. Cut funding and fall behind. It seems so backward to devalue science's merits that I can't quite comprehend the thinking behind it.

It's not all bad for everyone as this snip shows:

Under the request, just four agencies would see increases in basic research spending. (There are two caveats. First, the comparisons are with the 2016 funding levels; the final 2017 budget was enacted in early May, too late for inclusion in the president’s request. Second, these numbers are smaller than the agency’s overall research budget because of definitional issues.)

The military’s basic science account would get a 6%, $117 million boost to $2.24 billion. The Department of Defense is a major funding of academic basic research in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. (When compared with actual 2017 spending, however, it appears the 2018 request represents a 1.7% cut from the $2.28 billion the military is expected to spend on basic research this year.)

* Basic science at NASA would grow by 3%, or $100 million, to $3.71 billion.
* The Smithsonian Institution would get a 4%, or $8 million, boost to $226 million.
* The Department of Veterans Affairs would get a 1%, or $4 million jump to $394 million.

Other agencies would see cuts of between 11% and 19%. Some highlights:
* HHS, the parent agency of NIH, would lose $3.1 billion, a 19% drop to $12.8 billion. HHS is the nation’s single largest under of basic science, primarily in the biomedical arena.
* DOE’s spending would drop by $690 million, or 15%, to about $4 billion. DOE is the nation’s largest funder of basic research in the physical sciences.
* At NSF, basic science would fall by $620 million, or 13%, to $4.3 billion. NSF is a major funding of basic research outside of biomedical science.
* Department of Agriculture spending would fall by $121 million, or 11%, to $952 million.

The environment takes a big hit too, but I believe his base sees environmental programmes as something of a Liberal hand-wringing thing. In that light, it makes sense as an appeal to his voters and there are plans to slacken the regulations aimed at reducing pollution and so on. I think he's trying to put business above environment to create jobs and that's a voter thing again.

Health and environmental research programmes would see a 46% cut, to US$397 million. The biggest reductions would come from clean-air and climate-change research programmes, whose overall funding would drop from $249 million to $135 million. Science and technology programmes targeted at clean water, land preservation, ecosystems and healthy communities would all see their budgets slashed by tens of millions of dollars.

The budget would eliminate support for the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay restoration initiatives, and cut programmes to help states and Native American tribes tackle pollution by more than 23% to $2.7 billion. Such efforts have been popular among lawmakers in Congress

Not my country and not my budget. It still seems regressive to me. Trump's not exactly known for his appreciation of science, but I really think he's underestimated its value to the USA. Scientists are generally seen as the notorious 'Liberal elite' so I guess the Trump administration won't be worried about losing any votes from that direction.

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: Masterjaden

I'm gonna let you in on something. It doesn't matter who's in power.

Yes it does. Specifically, the same factories for war, Lockheed, Boeing, Dupont, the same families that own the banks that loan the money to build the war machines, the same military 'family' of generals and their prescribed goals, all the same for decades now, thru many 'conflicts', waxing ever richer, pulling the strings of power to maintain control.

And we don't ever talk about Boeing, Lockheed or Dupont.

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: DupontDeux

Also, one can hardly put it on Trump that the relations with Russia is what it is.

Specifically yes we can. He's the people elected official, part of the triad of 'checks and balances' included in the process of passing legislation.

The sanctions against the Russian are unwarranted as the sated reason for it (election meddling) is a lie. Its his job to veto legislation that crosses his desk that goes against the constitution, (meddling in other sovereign nations foreign affairs). He even said, "I don't like it" but signs it anyway.


People like you, 'can hardly blame Trump' for that?

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 02:14 PM
Trump is actually pro-Science, which is why he is giving a boost to NASA, re-established the National Space Council, is trying to help the business climate for private companies (which is where most real science and technology is carried out). What Trump doesn't like are Globalist Liberal Propaganda "sciences", that are totally predicated on stealing money from taxpayers.

originally posted by: intrptr
a reply to: DupontDeux

Also, one can hardly put it on Trump that the relations with Russia is what it is.

People like you, 'can hardly blame Trump' for that?

When you have the Media and Establishment (both Democrat and Republicans) pushing the Russian Collusion hoax, they have tied Trump's hands and feet when it comes to improving relations with Russia. Anything that Trump does that isn't totally detrimental to Russia is blown up into "Proof" that Trump is a Russian agent, and calls for impeachment ensue.
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posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: TruMcCarthy

When you have the Media and Establishment (both Democrat and Republicans) pushing the Russian Collusion hoax, they have tied Trump's hands and feet when it comes to improving relations with Russia.

Thats precisely his job to veto stupid s***, kicking it back to where it came from, sending a message to both houses and the people he won't tolerate such tripe.

His hands are not 'tied' he has the power of veto. Especially when the reason for sanctions is based on a lie.

He 'colludes' like the rest of them. They placed him in the white house because he's a 'colluder'. That makes all his promises lies too.


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