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Feditary Spouse Receives Final Notice

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posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 09:29 PM
A commander and judge walk through a corridor of a Feditary General Population ship, often referred to as a GP. Family members of Feditary personal are housed on these ships while their primary family member is stationed on a war ship. The entire armada flies through outer space in the 37th century (Earth time) avoiding the three armed, three legged Tripidions while mining and harvesting planets. They are far removed from the Milky Way Galaxy after the destruction of every planet in the Sun Solar System.

The Tripidions have been terrorizing humanity for over 700 years with no end in sight. The Feditary has no solution to defend itself from the Tripidions superior technology other then to jump to light speed at the site of their nemesis.

During such an encounter, about 40,000 Feditary packman (spelled correctly; packman is another name for troop or troops and has no relation to the video game Pac Man which the Feditary have never heard of) gave up their lives to protect over 15 million people within the Armada. Their efforts allowed the rest of the armada the time they needed to jump to light speed.

The commander of the GP and the ship's judge walked through a corridor to give final notice to a widow. This was a regular site in the Feditary. When a ship's leader walked through the coins (residence) with a judge, the site was often called the death squad. They were reporting death, final notice, so when they knocked on a door, they never had to explain why they were visiting. The reason for their visit was common knowledge.

People in the hall watched to see where they would stop. They did not disturb the judge or commander. They knew better. "This is it," the commander said to the judge as they stopped in front of a door. "Alright," a solemn judge replied. The commander knocked.

"Oh my stars," they heard a voice say on the other side of the door. "Sam (female)?" the commander asked. "Is that you? Open the door, please."

"Oh my" Sobs could be heard.

"Sam? Open the door, please. I'm the commander. I have a judge with me. We need to talk." Sam had already figured out everything that needed to be said.

The door opened slowly. A small crowd had gathered. "Disperse, now!" the commander ordered. "Any more on this deck?" someone asked. The judge motioned for them to walk away.

"Are you Sam? We need to come in," the commander advised. Sam shook her head and stepped aside as the commander and judge walked in. The judge closed the door behind him. Sam became weak in the knees and stumbled. The commander caught her. "Easy.....Let's go sit on the couch, come on."

The two helped Sam to her couch and they sat on either side of her. There was a long pause as she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Your husband has been awarded honor and respect. He'll also receive medals and ribbons. The efforts of 40,000 saved 15 million. Do you understand?" the commander explained.

Sam acknowledged him. "He was on a line ship protecting the outer sphere of the armada," the commander explained.

"What, what about the escapers?" Sam asked between cries. "His line ship was the first ship hit. It had a crew of 500. They never had a chance. We believe they were hit with negative matter so it was all over in a tenth of a second. Okay? They didn't feel anything."

"My juniors (kids)...." "I can come back and talk to them when they get out of study (school)," the commander advised. "No, I'll tell them," Sam said.

"Sam, the memorial service will be in 3 cycles (days). It's going to start at 1250 with a special service for 1st degree relatives at 1175. I need to ask you, do you want him to be remembered at the mass memorial or do you prefer a private memorial. A private memorial will take more cycles but we can do that."

"I would prefer a private service but I know he would want to be at the mass. Because he fought with them....."

"Alright, so you want him in the mass?" the commander asked. "Yes," Sam replied with red eyes and tears all over her cheeks.

"Okay, a limo ship will take you to the HQ ship in 3 cycles at 1050. Seats will be provided on the limo for your juniors and his mother, okay?"

She stared blankly at the wall but it was clear she understood.

"Sam, I know who your husband was. On his 11 (off duty time), he did volunteer work for the young juniors. I worked with him a number of times. e was terrific. I am going to try to keep you in this coin (residence). You'll get credits for his honor and respect and you'll keep your civilian rank as a Matter (spouse of Feditary personal). I will award him every ribbon and medal I have to so I can keep you in this coin with your juniors."

"Commander, are there any remains?"

"They used anti-matter to attack the ships. We wouldn't be able to go back there anyway. It's Tripidion space now. I'm sorry, Sam. I'm so sorry."

"How are we going to beat them, sir? What's going to happen to us?"

"Sam, I don't know. Their technology is 1,000 years ahead of ours. We need an ally. A superior ally. Until we find one or maybe come across a technology breakthrough, I don't know what's going to happen to us. We can lose them at warp speed but they always manage to find us. I don't know, Sam. We've survived over 700 years of war with them and the Feditary is still here so we have to keep the hope."

"They had hope on Earth One and look what happened to them. The entire solar system."

"Sam, there is no hope on a planet. You can't run from them when your on a planet. That's why it's illegal to live on them. We live on ships. They are much safer."

"Not for my husband."

"Your husband and 40,000 of his friends saved 15 million people. When he married you, he swore he'd protect you. And he did. Sam, if you need anything, call the bridge. I'll take care of you. I've already told them to."

"Thank you, commander."

"The stars have your back, Sam. And your juniors."

"The stars have your back too, commander." Sam started to cry all over again.

This is an all to common occurrence in the Feditary. Scientists on Research and Development ships work every single day to try to come up with a solution to the technology gap between the Tripidions and the Feditary. To be honest, the future looks dark. As long as we can lose them at warp speed, we'll be safe. As safe as we can be. Until we can figure something out.


This is part of a larger work. I am just trying to get some feedback. Thanks.


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