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The Axe Murderer Mystery

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 03:49 PM
If this has already been discussed or is in violation of the TAC can a Mod please close or delete this.

Over ninety years ago, way before mass murders and serial killings were commonly known of, 6 children and 2 adults were brutally murdered while they were sleeping in small mid-western town of Villisca Iowa. After these brutal and horrific murders, life in the town changed increasingly. Stores ran out of locks, weapons and anything that the citizens of the town thought they could protect themselves with.

Suspicions, rumours and hearsay ran through the town, bloodhounds were brought in and law enforcement agencies from nearby counties and states joined forces in a bid to find the sick person who had committed the murders. Even today, the murders remain unsolved and the murderer, unpunished.

Many, many people have been suspected of the murders, but none have ever been caught. Why is this? Maybe the murderer was a man of authority and had a say in the investigation? Frank Jones, a senator and resident of the town was a key suspect in the murders. More can be found out about him here;

There is a lot more information on the mysteries on these sites;

The paranormal and unexplainable side to this story is truly amazing. Many visitors and paranormal investigators have said that there is definitely a presence there. A lot of the pictures taken at the house show ‘orbs’ and those little wiggly light deelys that are common at haunted sites.

I firmly believe that the house is haunted as very emotional series of events were carried out in that house and I believe that these events have ‘stained’ the house with a paranormal presence.

What do other people believe? People being paranoid or wanting something to be there? Id really like other peoples views on this as I might use this little investigation as a piece of my coursework for school.

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