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My EGO Death experience:

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posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 06:58 AM
a reply to: Kalixi

The chakra's are a misnomer. There are three main energy channel's that rise up our body to the crown. The locations where the left and right channels coil more tightly around the central channel is called a chakra. (I just mention this incase you want to visualize them).

Blockages at these points occur from egotistical desires with much of the energy consumed by endulging in excessive sensual pleasures (taste, sex aka apple). Although there are practices that might help clear the chakra's like the 9 steps shown here. Buddhism teaches its better to attack the root of the problem by realising the emptiness in all egotistical desires. Thus controlling the brain so it doesn't control us.

The energy that flows when chakra's start opening is sometimes called kundilini fire energy, explaining the warmth and waves you feel. Rather than trying to force it, go with the flow. Trust your own instinct.

I hope you succeed with your aims in making psilocybin legal.

Good Luck Kalixi.
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posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 07:41 AM

originally posted by: Kalixi
Hi fellow ATSers

I recently experienced an Ego Death via natural means and some interesting thoughts occurred. First I'll define Ego Death:

Ego death is the experience of transcending the ego, self or identity. This experience is the most mind-bending, awakening, awe-inspiring, peaceful and unconditionally loving experience you could ever have. It is the temporary removal of all your preconceived biases and thought patterns. It is a feeling of being one with The Universe

During this experience I had the following thoughts occur in my mind:

"The Holocaust was an affront to humankind not just Jews or the disabled"

This lead me to realise that we are all the Human race. Assigning all these special labels of gay, cis gendered, Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Asian, Russian, Saudi, American, Atheist, Islamist, Jew, transgendered... all divide us. We're so concerned with highlighting our differences that we forget our commonality. We forget that we are all human and we all have the same basic wants and needs. Now this is not suggesting that these labels don't exist in a descriptive form; we are too focussed on them and give our differences too much weight. I believe that TPTB want us focussed on taking sides in an us and them mentality to divide us. The news plays a part in this with the constant stream of horrific stories about war and death.

This experience was like 10 years of therapy at once. I've never felt so much love and contentment. I used to be depressed, worried and full of self doubt. I now feel happy and content with the world, I know that I am enough. All my previous prejudices are gone and I'm more open to new experiences. It makes me wonder what the world would be like if we could all share in this experience.

Have you experienced Ego Death?

I've never attained the ego death itself, I reckon I was affraid and let my ego tell me it wasn't time yet... was flowing down a black river towards a narrow horizon of light when it stopped me.

Anyways, I was under the impression that during "real" ego death that you don't really feel or think anything, that you in lack of better words are in complete "peace".... balance.... at one with everything and nothing.
Which in itself would set you free from exactly: feeling anything. Feeling I reckon is what makes us human and obtained through the vessel which is the body ("you" merely been the driver of this vessel).

But... to address what you achieved... I believe you are right. I've spent sporadic thoughts on trying to understand why the world is as it is, because a lot of the time, I find the actions of humanity as a whole completely and utterly irrational. Even to this date.

Language and religion keeps us apart intentionally. But it was one thing understanding and accepting this. I want to understand "why?!".

Now, since we are already on an alternative forum, I think all is valid and thinking out of, along side of or inside the box is encouraged, because answers could easily exist that are a combination of the various things.

Now back to the why.

Why are we being kept apart with language and religion?

First is control. It's obvious; Imagine successfully controlling a unified race of 7 billion individuals who all speak the same language and follow the same deity. It would be impossible without limiting our freedom to the point where we wouldn't accept it.

Why is control needed? To be able to choose what we learn and experience and think.

What is it that we must not learn or experience?

I think we are all more connected that we'd like to think, and I'm not talking about us being made of the same matter.

I can't prove the following statement, because I'm no scientist, I'm no scholar and I have not a single shred of evidence beyond circumstantial evidence and here say;

- I believe that we are not of this Earth...... (how to lose 99% of readers...) But give me a chance here.

I think we were somehow incorporated here on Earth by some means. Either by accident or by necessity. And I believe that the evidence for this occurrence way back in time, exists somewhere. I also believe that the world is a theatre now functioning as a show for us to look at or to keep us entertained while maintaining the race in relative peace.

I think the same battle which could have been the reason we got here in the first place is still being waged. On one side we have those who are completely aware of the charade and on the other side we have those who feel something is wrong... that we used to be different, people who feel that interconnectedness with everyone else.
The middle people are those still under the guise of feeling separate from the rest.

Religion is still a very powerful tool in seperating us from each other. Pretending that we can't be the same race because of this and that fairytale. It's tragic.

I don't know how, but I think it's imperative that we find out who we are as a race... who we used to be and what happened back then a long time ago.

You opened that door now... keep it open, let the information you obtained sink in. It will take a while to incorporate it, and then at the same time, keep playing the game as if nothing happened while actively trying to subvert the game and help others stepping out of the haze.
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posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 08:12 AM
a reply to: Kalixi

yes, I have experienced this but over a period of a few years. I may even still be working on killing my ego.

It is an amazing feeling and I do believe that once you have achieved this, you cannot go back and I agree with all of the division you speak of and how we are all really 1 with the universe, i know it sounds cliche but so true.

I didnt know it was called an "ego death" but I like that term. I called it practicing compassion...if you do so then your ego does die.

Here is a nice article to aid someone who wants to open up but does not know where to start. You do NOT have to practice all of these at once, just knowing of them will put you in the right path. And once you are practicing feels very good.

Another good side effect of killing the ego is the world starts to make more sense you you become more aware...even psychic.
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