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New EVPs

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posted on May, 4 2017 @ 09:01 PM


For you skeptics I think you'll enjoy these clips. You'll hear very normal sounds in Clip 1 from Cars, my annoying Clock, and the Pump turning on then Off then at 0:19 seconds I hear a very loud Spirit Voice come through except i have a couple of different interpretations when i played it i couldn't settle on 1 interpretation so i want you guys to listen and see what its saying.

The 2nd one is in the same place as the 1st one and all I hear is a deep Male Voice make a grunt or something.

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:28 AM
Those are great recording, keep it up!

Pity there is so much background noise so upping the volume would be damaging to my ears/speakers because of those spikes, still there is a very clear low sound present. The sounds skips to the next audio in the playlist so its hard to replay over and over, that is how i could home in on the voice and cancel all other audio but this way it is hard to concentrate on that specific sound alone. Is there a way to download these from sound-cloud? i have no experience with that, that i can listen to them more clear and open them in wavelab to loop certain parts.

What did you use to record the audio, there is always a lot of noise when recording but you can reduce it by recording at night and when all your electrical appliances are offline, the capture will have much cleaner and clearer results.

The idea of messing around with EVP is a bit scary i think as i have seen people put it in the same corner as Ouija boards.
But the fact the communication is not as direct as Ouija boards i personally do not see it as a big threat and would really like to try once, but never was able to acquire decent microphone or found the time, still i find the subject very interesting. What drew you to EVP?

That said i remember a long time a go i found a site online where a group of people where trying to actively contact a spirit and have a real conversation with him/her. I notice they would formulate some questions and ask this spirit, and based on the response they asked some more questions. They assumed it was a gentle spirit, but when i listened to the recordings it was anything but, this spirit was cursing at them and i could really sense and tell by his response he was not amused, but they didn't seam to hear the same and kept asking it questions ending in disaster and they not understanding why it suddenly started screaming at them, it was pretty clear to me, they pissed it/him/her off.

That experience told me the way the observer interpret the voices can even after it is recorded can still be influenced somehow. I could so clearly her that spirit was angry, but those people didn't have a clue.

Have you experimented with it before or is this your first attempt? I don't doubt you have listened to the work of other observers, what was your experience with that/them, did you hear the same as they did or did you also hear a different picture being painted about the origin of the spirit/energy that was recorded.

posted on May, 5 2017 @ 05:42 AM
I do hear a grunt or roar type noise.


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