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Middle East Chaos Circa May 2018-May 2019??

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posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 06:39 PM
The annals of history are full of important dates in which events were planned because the date was ascribed some "magical" significance within an individual and groups metaphysical belief systems. Cause and effect and magical ascription were reflexively encountered without being known or named - the excitement of being a "knower", a function of Human self-regulation - occluded the feedback and feedforward nature of perception and cognition, mediated by affect and motivation.

In laymens terms, Humans create their own narratives, and as can be amply seen at ATS (with aliens, UFOs, etc) fantastic metaphysical ascriptions are assigned to the way reality operates - with little or no philosophical skepticism, or a need to consult occams razor as a logical thinking device.

All sorts of cults and wrong belief systems work by enflaming the emotions without encouraging a recognition of the self as it becomes organized by both experience and its reaction to experiences - something Buddhists cultivated under the notion of "mindfulness", and something implicitly recognized by some practitioners of western mystical traditions.

An entry point into realistic thinking recognizes the now - and the events which occur therein - as epistemologically salient for realistic thinking. Attuning to "what is happening right now" - in myself, in the other, and how the other's unique organization sets constraints to what will work in impressing an idea upon him - is the only way to find peace - yet, this important value and structuring principle is ignored by an idealistic identification with fundamentalist religious belief systems, which are necessarily zealous, and thus, undiscerning of those relational-formal elements that need to be acknowledged if conflict-resolution is to happen.

Israel Rebuilds a Temple on the Temple Mount?

To those of us which recognize the secret relationships people have to certain metaphysical belief systems which they conceal from the public, it shouldn't seem too implausible that Israel's various Zionist groups - particularly its conservative/religious crowd, would seek to fulfill what for them should constitute the "completion" of an intrinsic kabbalistic metaphor: 7, or 7 x 10 = 70. 7 refers to the 7 'lower sephiroth', and 10, the 10 sephiroth within each lower sephira.

Whatever the basis for this way of conceiving reality, there are many people within the Orthodox Jewish world, such as the Temple Mount Institute, which might feel compelled to "consecrate" Israel's 70th year of existence - which BTW, is becoming more and more "established" within the confines of the west bank - such that Israels "unification" of the west bank with Israel proper could be experienced as the "return of the shekinah", or divine presence, into the physical world - which would be symbolically expressed by the rebuilding of the 3rd and final Jewish temple on the Temple mount, where the Dome of the Rock currently stands.

Muslim Backlash: the 3rd Intifada?

Remember and don't forget this cardinal truth: we are narrative-making creatures. As true for the fundamentalist Jew as for the fundamentalist Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Nationalist, etc. When you're willing to destroy another religions holy site, you're willing to sacrifice life and the stability of a society for this rigid and unrealistic (idealistic) goal.

Nevertheless, if Israel's religious Jews - who unconsciously recreate the "chosen traumas" of their historical victimhood, on the 9th of Av, for instance, allow themselves to foolishly provoke Muslims this way, Palestinian Muslims, in turn - already undermined by societal instability - will, no doubt bolstered by the World's Islamic community - react viciously against Israel's civilians, many of which would be opposed to the destructive action of Israel's fundamentalists.

Beyond a Palestinian response, one can only speculate how Israel's neighbors - Turkey and Iran in particular, would react. In any case, their response would be 'symmetrical' in the same sort of way: religious fundamentalism.

Both imaging themselves to be the" keepers of Islam", they will likely experience Israel's action as an existential offense, indicating and portending the beginning of the "end of days": after all, does not the Hadith speak of the Jews as relevant enemies in the end times?

This would be the "logical ending", as it were, of the magical/religious thinking of the worlds religious traditions - particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (I don't say "Abrahamic", because the Tamils and Hindus, nevermind North Koreans and Trumpanzees, can be equally fanatical as the Abrahamic religions). All (Christians, in America, Jews in Israel, Muslims around the world) will think that things are shaping up "just for them", but of course, each person and group is being hyper-selective in what they do and don't pay attention to: only things which are 'compatible' are picked up by the brain and focused in the mind - all other information is dissociated and treated as a mortal enemy - something too fearful to be thought.

We don't need a crystal ball to predict where things are going. System's theory suffices.

It's when, perhaps, Humans have thrown themselves to the very edge, that the self-induced personal, social and ecological trauma will be deconstructed and understood as a result of a psychological imbalance - generated and fostered by inequality in the social-world.


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