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Deadline - Anthem Poetry

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posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 09:42 AM
Seconds turn to minutes
They soon turn to hours
As your sluggish arms change your cluttered face
Have you got a reason for keeping up with my pain?
Will you ever stop?
While I am watching you

Minutes turn to hours
They soon feel like days
As you continue to retrace your face
You cannot resist organizing my pain
Will you ever cease?
While I am tied to you

Because there's a deadline
That comes with everything that gives
And I gave myself to you
And if I could make it all go away
I'd give you a break
And punch you in your face
And leave without a trace

I can't stand to watch you anymore
And yet I cannot look away
I fear the changes you will make
Before I start my day
And yet everything's the same
But now I realize that I want change

posted on Mar, 22 2017 @ 03:36 PM
a reply to: TarzanBeta

That was really, different..

posted on Mar, 23 2017 @ 05:56 AM

originally posted by: JugHead
a reply to: TarzanBeta

That was really, different..

I'm not talking about punching a person in the face, if it helps you to understand.

Thank you JugHead.

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