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Its Official - CIA Admits No Chem Weapons in Iraq

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 03:31 PM
WASHINGTON - In yet another embarassing setback for attempts at justification of the Iraq invasion and the so-far fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the CIA has issued a revisionist, classified report confirming that Baghdad abandoned its chemical weapons program in 1991. (Registration required to view the article -
The report marks the first time the CIA has officially disavowed its prewar judgments and is one in a series of updated assessments the agency is producing as part of an effort to correct its record on Iraq's alleged weapons programs, officials said.

The CIA's decision to distribute the report — titled "Iraq: No Large-Scale Chemical Warfare Efforts Since Early 1990s" — in classified channels underscores the awkwardness the agency faces as it continues to reconcile its prewar reporting with postwar realities in Iraq. Before the war, the CIA asserted that Iraq had stockpiled biological weapons and was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program.

Richard J. Kerr, a former senior CIA official who was hired by the agency last year to conduct an internal review of its prewar analysis, said he couldn't recall the agency ever issuing such a revisionist report on any subject.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Falling short of stating that Iraq never had chemical weapons, the report is fairly damning in that the CIA itself has release a revisionist report - possibly for the first time in the history of the agency - clearly showing that pre-Iraq war intelligence regarding Iraq's chemical weapons programs was blatantly wrong.

One wonders if this report will open the floodgates for other admissions of intelligence blunders, and perhaps even of "cooked" intel reports.

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