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UN - "Sudan crisis constitutes crimes against humanity, but not genocide."

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 01:49 PM

The Sudanese government should be referred to the international criminal court for alleged crimes against humanity in Darfur, a United Nations-commissioned report has concluded. But the study, which is expected to be debated by the U.N. Security Council Tuesday, falls short of describing the situation in the western region of Sudan as genocide.

The report, by a five-member commission headed by Italian judge Antonio Cassese, is due to be published Tuesday. The study was requested by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in October to investigate whether genocide was being conducted in Darfur, where tens of thousands have been killed and 1.8 million displaced.

A U.N. source said Monday that the commission's conclusion was that the testimony it took did not amount to proof of genocide. "But it does say crimes against humanity of an ethnic nature have been committed and recommends going to the ICC [International Criminal Court]."

Hmmmm, I wonder if they asked the Sudanese families whether thier family members who have been raped, mutilated, and killed by the 10's od thousands were results of "crimes against humanity" of flat out genocide. They have have a different perspective. This is very upsetting to hear. I just wonder how may more thousands need to die before the UN takes this seriously

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