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The Shape of A Sane World

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posted on Mar, 10 2017 @ 12:16 AM
People would reason along the following lines.

What is the most significant parts of being Human? In all your life, what ideas or images from culture or anecdote stimulated you the most? Unless you are structurally damaged, the answer to this question will be: "paranormal phenomena".

This is a quite normal and natural law based response. Our neural dynamics respond to the shifting conditions of the outside world every moment that were alive - the world is regenerated so smoothly across 7 ontological dynamical scales to create your consciousness - and you, the mind, are nothing more than the dynamic effect of the situational relations of your immediate embeddedment.

You already have meaning - structured information - in the dynamical shape of your brain. You had a mother. She had an environment in which you personally developed in. You had an infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and now, as an adult, probably have all sorts of higher level psychodynamic constraints that process your identity - regenerating the same self with the same convictions, but, hopefully, perhaps a little skeptical towards the naive attributions the self has about itself.

If it were technologically possible, every brain-mind configuration could be shown to be correlated with "self-states" - or higher level psychodynamic existential "carrier waves" which process the Self-in-the-Social-World in its existential configurations. Your moment to moment affectivity and thought is "emergent" from the dynamism of your body, which is engaged at all moments in homeostatic self-regulation. Lower level processes serve higher level coherencies, and higher level coherency's are basically what you do - what you think - who you think you think you are: these are causal processes in the generation of your Self, with neural correlates in the prefrontal cortex.

Your energy is parsed up into atleast 7 motivational systems - or 'attractors' in systems lingo. These 'attractors' operate at different moments in different ways, existing as ways to process energy at different ontological scales. 1) physiological regulation is ongoing and never-ending as long as you live. Your brainstem automatically carries out functions which your conscious mind cannot 'get at' (at least not without a lot of training), such as breathing, immunological functions, hormonal functions, and basic sensorimotor reactivity i.e. how you sense and move in your environment. But the brainstem is also very much about threat detection and is the first stop in all neural processing of information from the visual organ. The superior collicullus - a higher brainstem organ, systematically directs the focus of our perception in our environments - outer or inner (as in thinking). The superior collicullus responds to 'objects' (outer or inner) which the self has been negatively affected by at an earlier point in time. Hence, when the eyes catch something salient (relevant or meaningful to the life of the organism), the amygdala, superior colliculus and other brainstem region generate an initial perceptivity of the world that is focused in particular way - always biased by the presence of a past that has left its "marking" on the structure of the organisms being.

If we lived in a sane World, the way this world works would be figured out. The people who control things will be seen as mentally ill people confused by the situational confugration of matter - and the insidious reality that demonic and counter-factual ways of orienting to the world can generate forces that are horrifically tempting - yet destined to destroy its container and expressor.

The reason for all this is simple: WE create reality - not any God or demiurge, or anything else (as far as we can justifiably claim). Our brains are detectors of the OTHER - and so it always and only ever about the ontological relationship of Self with Other (Humans) which creates our emotions, generates our sense of Self-identity, and gives us the meaning we cherish in our living.

People who don't reason properly have a justifiable reason within their self-experience for their bad reasoning. Attitudes and convictions constitute obstructions in energy processing - generating needless "entropy" by biasing the 'meso-scale' of consciousness to add additional unconscious processing (dissociation) via a hyper identification with an idealized sense of self.

The world is "two" only because Humans are demented - and demented because their political, cultural, economic and religious elites are demented. The cherished views of John Locke, Adam Smith, Voltaire, Mills, etc - varying degrees of self-delusion, of a massive, underlying metaphorical, situationally generated dissociation of one self from another self - creating the delusional doctrine of "individualism", of a war of "all against all", as Hobbes put it. All of this is just normal unconscious neurological processing. Animals - Humans are animals - even worse, animals which need to know their emotional self-states if they aren't going to act like insane people who pretend their anger isn't due to a feeling of shame.

In a Sane world, people wouldn't feel the need to dissociate all the logical evidence of human-human affective inter-penetration, which ultimately determines our discursive thought (i.e. generating the energy of our mental activity). In a sane world, it would be understood that competitive enviroments activate our amygdala's to bias informational processing in undesirable ways i.e. inaccurate, and less representationally complex ways. Competition wouldn't be glorified as the basis for the organization of life i.e. the "free" market - and would be properly limited and regulated - as it already is - to sports.

A society ruled as it currently is ruled is a society which has fallen deep into unthinking and unconscious oblivion. All problems are projected outward and away from the self as the brain-continues its normal activity of "correlating self with world" - instituting its ordering processes as the outer world conveys it - and the mind on the inside, ignorant, haughty, simplistic, and completely unconscious as to the likely outcome of its sometimes careless, or boorish, or cruel actions.

We are matter. We are mind that arose from matter - but remains at one with it - bound by organizational complexities that keep the information of our self and being indivisibly connected to the Selfs and beings of others.

Hurting Others is dangerous and pointless. The Universe is one - the others we hurt are entangled within our dynamic agency as a being. There is no "outside" - when the whole process is systemic and emergent as a function of external connections which dynamically reconfigure biological insides.

There is no "alien" perspective. The alien perspective is trauma - leaving brain/mind without its usual dynamical openness to the environment. Resting or existing 'above' the body, it could incorrectly seem that this could exist without the body and Other body's working together to constitute the phenomenon of Self and consciousness?

Hurting others is, as we have always known, hurting the Self. It is situationally enforced and incentivized derangement - which can have only one consequence in a world where Humans constitute a singular phenomenon - dynamically tethered into one anothers beings - each one 'diffracting' a Self - as the environment and organism merge, with the Self as the living interpreter.
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posted on Mar, 10 2017 @ 03:27 AM
I have always loved the ideas brought forwards when considering our own minds and just what makes us human, for i find wonder in looking into that which we can never fully understand

posted on Mar, 10 2017 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte Of course, hurting others is hurting the self. And even it has its own name, ask the gang that pays you to write this "brainless hippie spiritual-materialism" topics in the P&M subforum, they will tell you it's name is Gevurah and it's number is 216. They should also inform you that hurting can be creative, like right now I am inflicting a self discipline on "the self", because "the self" in your part just spilled another batch of mumbo-jumbo, filled with many fancy words and no essence, and "the self" in my part reflects your mistake, so it's vibrations does not continue to oscillate in a sine weave, through the humble brains of other persons, which are also part of "the self".

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