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The Dreamtime bubble

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posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 02:18 AM
a reply to: Kashai

Consciousness is the realm of god... I mean think about it the word inspiration, the root Latin literally means gods breath. And god did what? Since were speaking abrahamic. He breathed into Adam and gave him life. He gave Adam ideas, Adam had a consciousness that was completely aattached to gods. Then, something happened and Adams consciousness split away from gods to become an entity unto its own self. Like unto god. The ability to create destroy and choose. Consciousness. Which I am equatingbto Dream time based on my understanding of The ops post.

posted on Mar, 8 2017 @ 02:43 AM

originally posted by: LucidWarrior
Excellent topic! I Had not heard of dream time before. I really like cimmerious' reply. As for my own thoughts... I believe that dream time is the fabric that reality is woven of. If reality is what IS, then dream time is what CAN be. While I believe cimmerious' idea to have great merit, I would rather posit that dream time wasn't referring to a time before consciousness, but is rather a concept attained during the process of evolving consciousness which he has so adroitly described.

Let me explain: you used the word, story. What if dream time was the method they used for explaining and understanding the method of making changes to the story? If reality is the story, that is happening, then in this sense dream time would be their way of interacting with that story; via consciousness, rather than just being unwitting puppets. In this sense, Dream time would be the source of both ingenuity and corruption. Freed from the strings of fate, one can either create beautifully or destroy.

A reply to: Azureblue
Ah... Yes. Religion IS the oldest form of mind control. At its root, its about controlling your OWN mind. But then the churches(seperate from the Church) do the opposite and use the techniques meant to free, to enslave.

But, that's drifting away from the op. To address your original concern, the op wasn't trying to undermine aboriginal beliefs, but rather using the belief of dream time in order to further understanding. He was proposing that it was relevant and his view of why. ETA: in this sense then Dream time can have additional relevance to the abrahamic religions by giving some context to Original Sin

Thank you for your comments. In view of those comments I'll add this. Aboriginal dream time referrs to a mystical time in history when human beings ( aboriginal people, I think) were very spriitual and there was a lot of peace and good will among all and peoples auras were golden.

For what its worth, aboriginal people of the time before white man arrived in Australia and for shortly after, were very telepathic. When people came over from the eststern states to the West, they relied on aboriginal people to guide them through the aboriginal 'zones' if you like, 'areas where they lived.'

In same places namely over the Nullabor Plain and parts of Western Australia, they would go past their where the felt comfortable for fear they might intrude into another terrority.

To guide the whites through these 'gaps' they would arragne for the next tribe to meet the whites and they would point and tell the whites which direction to travell in.

Remember that this in vast barran plains in the middle and to the west of the country where mistaking one hill in the distance for anohter, could spell death from either thirst and or hunger.

To communicate with the neighbouring tribe, they would sit on the ground cross legged and put their head in their hands. They would remain in this position for several minutes, 10 minutes or so then stand up and point the direction in which to travel and then make one or two movements symbolising the arc of the sun once for one day and twice for two days.

This would be the time the whites would be on their own and without any guidence. In those days families travelled in conveys of 4-5 familes for safety and security. When things went wrong whole conveys perished.

In nearly all cases, when they arrived there were aboriginal people to receive and help them.

The reason I know this is because when I was a child I laid in bed one night listening to my grand mother tell my mother about their own experiences and the expereinces of others they met when they arrived in the west.

For what its worth, My grand mother also related a story about how they were getting ready for bed on night on the Nullabour Plain when a bright light making no sound, went by some 2-3 hundred yards away in a curving direction. This was an upsetting experience for some women and the bigger kids and they become frighted and alrmed.

They asked the aboriginal people, as best they could, given the language barrier, about this and got the imprrssion the lights had been there a long time.

The aboriginal trackers

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