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i wrote a song

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:37 PM
Schizophrenic(it needs a chorus)
he had 2 sides
a light one and a dark side
the dark didnt cry
becuz his heart died
he had a good and a bad a happy and sad.
dark on the outside
light on the inside
the people that got on his bad were afraid to die
told the truth even when he lied.
He was nice until people got on hisbad side
the brain to teach the people of a nation
denying ignorance
a soldiers heart
a guillotine stare that could tear u apart.
Veins flowing with venom
to hell is where he sent them
never afraid
neutralized as a whole
heart was cold
rugged and bold
was his soul
only scared of things he couldnt crontol
scared of coming back reincarnated
saw the ignorance of the people of the world
the good wanted peace
wanted the violence to cease
tired of bull# in the middle east
change for the world
a real education
wanted to see a real nation
how long will they mourn?
Tear drops gettin bigger
but couldnt figure what hes crying for
and nothing could hide the pain he felt inside
like he was living just to die.
What was wrong with him?
Its like we don’t wanna change cuz we livin in sin.
alpha and omega
beggining and end
first and last
now until then
armageddon gets closer
unless we stop the sin
the mayans knew our fate
but we were giving free will
the right to clean the slate.
They even saw the date
if we don’t change we will pay the price, bound in hell
Peoplple believin lies
ridiculing people keeping open minds.
Ignoring new finds
ignorance at its finest
persecuting people that believe what they choose
shunning people with distorted views.
We need to learn to think outside the box
unlock like the locks
that bind our souls
when done we can get closer to achieving our goals
and working as a whole

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:40 PM
Good work. Keep writing...

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