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reopening the Kyshtym being casefile

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posted on Feb, 23 2017 @ 02:08 PM
if you you have been on ufology long enough you probaly have already heard of the kyshtym "alien" body story: a russian woman finds an wounded alien on a forest take him to her home to care of him, the being survives a few days and then dies leaving an very odd corpse, skeptics call it an aborted baby fetus and say that that woman is insane
nowdays that story is pretty obscure especially on western ufology,if you still havent heard of this story here it is:

On August 13, 1996 (according to other information it might have been two months earlier) she found the creature in the forest lying under a tree (and not on the local graveyard as was erroneously reported). She took the creature to her home, and cared for it for at least two weeks.

The body of Aleshenka (the diminutive name she gave to the creature, after the name of her deceased grandson) was plump and was swaying like jelly. The skin on the body was gray, and it had dark brown spots on the head. No hair, small holes instead of ears. Small flat nose enabled the creature to breath. Dark-gray eyes. No eye-lids. The vertical pupils of the eyes were constantly narrowing and expanding. Long fingers had small sharp claws. No genitals to reveal the creature’s sex. The creature had no navel. The woman could not figure out how to feed Aleshenka. Its mouth resembled a tiny hole and had no lips, but it could stretch itself widely. The lower jaw was very small, and a huge scarlet tongue occupied almost the entire mouth cavity. It would not be able to chew. Tamara Vasilievna put a caramel candy into the creature’s mouth, and the alien started sucking the candy. She gave Aleshenka some milk and water with a teaspoon. Moist sweat appeared onto the creature’s body after eating. Aleshenka started disseminating a sweet smell soaking clothes and furniture. Tamara wiped Aleshenka with a rag from time to time. The creature was lying and did not move most of the time. From time to time it started stretching its legs. It squeaked in response to light and moving subjects. Its eyes showed that it was suffering. The next day all the villagers heard of the news. The woman was telling everybody that she got a child and his name was Aleshenka. At first many people thought that Tamara was imagining the child because of her mental condition. However, one day her daughter-in-law (also named Tamara) came to her place. After sitting and talking in the kitchen for a while, the old woman said it was time to feed her child. Her daughter-in-law followed her into another room and saw the weird creature wrapped into a cloth. Although both mother and daughter-in-law knew of the creature, they did not report it to the police. They said if Aleshenka was a human child, they would report the police. But the creature was not a human being, and this it must be an animal, and there is no reason to report it. The daughter-in-law said: “Let it be Tamara Vasilievna’s pet. She will take care of it, and she will have something to do”. However, a neighbor reported Tamara Vasilievna to the psychiatrists, and one day an ambulance came and took the woman to psychiatric hospital in Novogorny. Tamara Vasilievna tried to explain that she left a child in the house, but the doctors did not take her words seriously. Her relatives were not aware of her being taken to hospital, and therefore there was nobody to feed the creature. Soon it died of thirst and hunger. However it is also possible that the creature died by an accidental crushing of a drunken man. As empty houses in that area often are hangouts for drunkards, a drunken man, according to his testimony, said that he had accidentally crushed the creature. He said that he sat down on the sofa not knowing that the being was lying in a blanket on that sofa, and thus crushed the skull.
anyways im here to discuss something i found about this on the link above, apparently there reports of similar beings by people living near the area:

Several adults and children had seen a number of these creatures in the village, and had chased them as if they were animals.

Two beings seen by a motorist alongside a road.

A local woman found a similar being inside her house when she was counting a large amount of money (the salaries for employees). She felt a gaze, and turned around to see a being stare at her. She was perplexed because all the doors were locked. As in a hypnotic trance she went to bed and slept through the might. In the morning, one of the doors was unlocked and left open. The money was still all there. This was July 1996.

this gives some credence to this otherwise suspicious story

posted on Feb, 23 2017 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: humanoidlord

I remember this story from way back when , I think it's an interesting tale but even back then didn't think the creature was Alien.

posted on Feb, 23 2017 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: gortex

not an alien but an unidentified humanoid

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