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35 Dead as Votes are Tallied (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:50 AM
After the smoke settled, 60% percent of Iraqis had turned out for their historic vote amid threats and bomb blasts. According to one source, 35 people lost their lives, plus 9 suicide bombers. A more accurate estimate would be known later in the week after officials have had a chance to carefully count the ballots.
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 30 - Defying death threats, mortars and suicide bombers, Iraqis turned out in great numbers on Sunday to vote in this country's first free elections in 50 years, offering a powerful, if uneven, endorsement of democratic rule 22 months after Saddam Hussein was overthrown.

Voters in Shiite and Kurdish areas turned out in especially large numbers, and at the day's end election officials here estimated that the nationwide turnout could exceed 60 percent. The turnout in the Sunni-dominated areas like Falluja and Mosul, where the guerrilla insurgency rages and where many Sunni leaders had called for a boycott, appeared to be substantially lower.

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The vote has been hyped for a while now, and now that it has happened I can't help but wonder what it feels like for them over there. This is the first time they had a choice in anything governmental. Does this mean that the killing will end? Sadly, no. Does this mean that instead of perpetuating war, the U.S. will have a hand in civilizing their living conditions and fueling their economy? Not for a while, and even then only if the U.S. can make a couple bucks. My idealistic side says ,"Good for you, Iraq!" But my rational side isn't fooled by the "americanization" of Iraq. $9 billion dollars and many deaths later, we still are being lied to about why America "cares" so much.

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