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Who Ever Wins, The occupation Will Go On

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 12:05 AM
Most Iraqis don’t even know what they are voting for; ( I wish them luck and hope Iraq prospers) a lot of Iraqis believe they are voting for a President. Their first since 1958,
Knight Ridder News Service is reporting that Iraqis are voting for 275-member National Assembly. With 8,000 candidates from 11 political groups on the ballot to choose from.

Just one catch the ballots do not list the candidates, who are affiliated with these groups,
Officials say names will be on a list distributed to the voting stations.
The winners of this vote are there to help form a transitional government, and write a new constitution.

From there the N/A is supposed to pick Regional councils for Iraqis 18 provinces as a hole that’s 18,000 candidates to choose from. So they have there hands full.
I certainly hope this is a turning point For Iraq and her peoples; it will even give the U.S. a few brownie points too at lest. Seeing there going to be there for some time to come.

A Brief Guide to the Iraqi Elections

1. Iraqis are voting not for a party or an individual but for a list.

2. Iraqi people have no opportunity to elect their president or prime minister.

3. None of the elected members of the National Assembly will represent a locality.

4. Large areas of the country are not expected to be able to vote.

5. The rules for polling and who can or can't be a candidate were set, essentially, by the US.

6. Expat voters are expected to decide the result.

7. Certain parties and individuals have also been funded by the US.

8. Whoever wins, the occupation will go on.

9. The new government is already bound.

10. Iraq has no free press.

11. The Iraqi people fought for this election.

A Brief Guide to the Iraqi Elections

Transcript: Bush Defy Terrorists by Voting

Method of Zarqawi madness The Washington Times

Iraq Elections A Mixed Story

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