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Peak oil and John Titor

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posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 01:17 AM
Ok, I have to admit that I have in the past debunked Titor several times already. You can always tell by a hoax when someone is trying to profit on their predictions and claims. Titor or so his family has written a book and probably made a fortune with it as well as some of your other famous prophets and seers like Tim Lahayes and some of those guys (can't remember their names) that host the 700 club. I was watching a tape from a relative a few weeks back that he taped from that show which had three people, two of which was father and son that have profited on millions from shows and books, and the third was the main host of the show. Anyway the father (I just wish I can remember their names, maybe somebody can help) had a dream and said it was from God and that there would be a green mist or fog that would cover the whole east coast of America and that it would be followed by loud sounds that would rupture the eardrum. the mist would kill off many people. He says that the last chance of being saved from this would be to get with the lord and be one of the included to be raptured up to be saved from this thing. Now this story went on for about an hour and then they immediately cut off the topic to discuss how it is important to give and contribute as much money as possible and that they would be included in the family of God. They used this prediction as a scare tactic to get more people to contribute as much offerings as possible. This was followed by a message as to where to contribute that offering with the address and phone number. Now this topic was much longer than the prediction that they were warning people about. This really ticks me off and really hardens my soul when it comes to believing somebody like Titor and that Aussie Bloke fellow a half a year back that made me look like an idiot when I told my family the warning. I was a victim of an embarrasing hoax. Nobody will never take me serious again because of this aussie idiot and it was my fault in believing him.
Anyway back to my main point about Titor and Peak Oil. I have been researching the peak oil theory which makes great sense. That it will get very costly as peak hits. It works like this: You have a cup of yogurt and it is half full (peak oil). It would get much more difficult as you try to spoon around the edges and deeper to extract that spoonful of yogurt as your cup is only half full. It is the same thing with oil. As you hit peak level on an oil well, it gets much more expensive because of the extra drilling and resources that would be required to extract that oil. On top of that throw in the booming economies of China and India as well as the rest of the world and you have greater demand on a limited resource.

Now I will have to say that maybe this John Titor was maybe on the right path and I should lower my guard a little with this guy. Certain scientists say that we may be at the peak level right now. This would explain alot about Titor saying that a civil war will break out this year 2005. Think about it for a moment. As prices get out of hand every year, society will become more hostile and aggressive. Certain protests would start breaking out as prices of oil get too expensive and soon you have large groups that are stirring trouble for the government and rebellion would break out. If peak has already hit, oil would get more expensive as demand gets stronger and supply gets weaker and this may be the start of the year that people start protesting or striking due to oil costs. Oil is the precious primer of the world economic engine, making it hum. Oil provides 40% of the world's energy needs, and nearly 90% of all transportation. It's also a building block for many products and goods. Cut supplies of this natural resource and life as we know it could change. By 2008 the price of oil would get out of control and of course the fighting would be at everybodies doorstep by then. 2015 the russians launch a nuclear strike on America and WWIII starts due to America's aggressive policy on controlling oil reserves across the globe. Look at China's aggressiveness already. They are competing with America on claiming oil projects in Canada, Venezuela, and elsewhere. You already see Bush's aggressive agenda on Iraq. Also it is possible that part of the clashes that start this year is the fact that we find out about the 911 incident and why it was carried out to get troops to Iraq. The truth could leak and start a crisis here in the USA. I guess the best thing for me to do is wait and see how things go this year. If prices start getting way out of hand and you start to see major protests here and there as the year ends, then look out for the energy crisis and john titors prediction because it may come true after all.

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 09:31 AM

You're bang on. I even mentioned this in another thread of a prime example how the NWO can take over.

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 07:50 PM
Absolutely spot on. Here is another thought for you. Gwahar, Saudi Arabias largest oil field, is almost 60 years old and had an estimate reserve of 70 billion barrels of oil. A 1975 estimate, confirmed by Shell, brought in the reserve estimate at 60 billion barrels. To date, 55+ billion barrels of oil have been pumped from Gwahar. Staying with the original estimate, Gwahar still has 15 billion barrels left in it, BUT the field is in decline. At peak production, 1981, it produced 5.7million barrels per day. Today it produces 4.5 MB/d with a 30% water cut rate. This means they inject 7 mb of water into the resevoir to yield 4.5 mb. When Gwahar goes, Peak oil has happened! There isn't enough fields coming online to replace the output from this one field.

Peal Oil is why Bush is in Iraq, wants to go into Iran, and is best buddies with Sudia Arabia. The world John Titor lived in will be our future, just don't know if it will be 5, 10 or 15 years from now.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:33 PM
The wheel made humans greed motorised.You eat then you ..
oil is like one billion microwheels, and turns on endurance
We waste endurance and plastic ++ for future generations
And we oil pollution, wars, destruction, powerty and so on
Power & responsible is unlimited and so is catastrophs
Use the important time correct and learn wisdom
because in a open prison you can make some changes to happen.
I live in northern Norway and its like living in a freezing hell & i am
doomed by age and other nasty stuff.But no earthquakes yet
They are caused by human activity in some vulnerable areas,
some area of earth is populated by "call them invisible but material beeings
Dont build anything in this areas.To few humans can guide in
vu areas, and i hope more people can reach new levels 6?
I use astrologi, numberologi, alphabetologi, religion & o(u)ther contacts Walking the sunny side will only force nights and nightmares on us
Try getting the waves small as a dc line not ac line
Dont be to happy ,rich and so on.Prisonguards dont like joking
In t mean time only fix existing houses, and leave vulnerable areas`s & the rain forest tsunami

Dont eat coffe cake chips coca cola cream cake candy
cigar cigarettes next christmas costs y and causes calories cancer ++

[edit on 3-2-2005 by knutjar]

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:42 PM
The green fog bit reminds me of the movie "The Ten Comandments"

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 08:43 PM
Thanks ooopps for the information on the Gawahr well in Saudi Arabi. This just ups the ante on my belief that soon things are going to hit the fan here anytime soon. It is hard to believe somebody like Titor after many hoaxes from different groups before. But since I have been researching heavily on this whole matter it just makes more sense and that it would be wise to keep eyes fixed on this issue as the year or years progress (especially the oil situation in Saudi Arabia).


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