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A mirrored glas

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posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 05:20 PM

" Its an animal, i tell you! " The Professor screamed to his colleagues;" It is looking at us like a predator looks at a pray, it looks human, it acts human, it interacts like a human, but it is not a human! Are you blind!" His colleagues looked at the professor like he had gone mad, they did every observational research they could find that was of use, it had passed them all, even the basic of spelling a word. One of the colleagues asked the professor;" Do you think it could learn over 150.000 words? Do you think an animal could learn over 150.000 words?? " the professor replied;" How fast did it read the words!? Four time as fast as a normal human!? Cant you see that it is playing with us?! It is not even reading, it mind maps, it makes images with a story"

" How fast did it take for it to bet the hardest level of the computer chess program?? Four days, cause it was bored! How fast did it learn to read Chinese? Six months! DO YOU KNOW THE CHINESE ALPHABET IS STRUCTURED, IT HAS LEARNED OVER 350.000 WORDS AND CANT EVEN SPEAK IT!!! "

The see through glass that separated them from the object was the only thing that separated the worlds and words between.
It stood up and walked to the glass, took a deep breath and made a foggy window, and wrote a the mirrored words, " I hear you " And looked directly at the professor, it opened its mouth and made silent words;" You smell of fear even in here ".

The Professor ran out of the room screaming;" NO, I HAD ENOUGH! "

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