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Obama Farewell Speech at 9pm EST Ready to Start

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posted on Jan, 12 2017 @ 04:54 AM

originally posted by: whatcomesnext130
Didn't watch it, don't plan to watch it, just glad he's not our president anymore.

He was never mine.

posted on Jan, 12 2017 @ 10:35 AM
Obama's grand FAREWELL speech was reduced to just a blip in the news, in less than 12 hours by Donald Trump.

posted on Jan, 12 2017 @ 05:51 PM

originally posted by: Gothmog
a reply to: xuenchen
Sorry , too boring . Nothing but , ummm , I I I and me me me
Unless there are many tears. That would make it worth it.
I have my own tears . Tears of joyous laughter now that the worst President in the Modern Age is leaving. Jimmy Carter probably celebrating as well for being released from that same dubious honor

Yeah I posted this on the official YouTube or one of the official news sites and no one has had the balls to respond but you guys do so pls comment:

I never thought it would be possible for one President to create such
division among economic, racial, and political lines.

I never thought it would be possible to this degree, for a President
to blatantly disregard laws put in place to safeguard and protect our
nation and jobs, to focus on tearing down the Constitution with more
blatant executive orders than almost any president.

I never thought I would ever see a President so weakly, and openly
pander and whine instead of being nonpartisan.

He was a horrible Commander in Chief and I hate that I served under him.

Congratulations Obama for making our country worse off than it has
been since the mid 60's. You will not be missed.

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