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USA agency involvment in Sweden

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posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 04:32 AM

I am not aware if this has come to you attention yet; the United Nations has lately been conducting an investigation against Sweden concerning two citizens from Egypt - Ahmed Agiza and Muhammed Al-Zery. Both of them accused of terrorism, but without any substantial evidence which has been presented. The United Nations has accused Sweden of breaking fundamental human rights and exposing these two citizens for severe torture.

This is a top-level political case, involving the United States of America, and one of their governmental agencies. Journalists in Sweden have been writing about this particular case, and very delicate information has emerged to the public. According to journalists, the Swedish government has been lying about what really happened. Documents show that an United States of America agency was permitted – by Anna Lindh, a Swedish politician which was murdered – to land with an airplane on the Bromma airport in Sweden, kidnap the citizens of Egypt - who were located in Sweden at this time - and transport them to a prison in Egypt. If you are in any way inquired of what the human rights say, one cannot send back citizens to a country where they will be exposed to torture, death et cetera.

So, basically, we have the Swedish government involved, the United Nations and not to forget, an agency from the United States of America – which has yet not been named in the Swedish media. These kinds of things often have tendencies to blow up to great proportions.

So, I have written to journalists, located both in Sweden and the United States of America, but I haven't received any reply from any of them. So, I wanted to check if any board member has any further information on this issue? I'll be requesting official documents from the government in Sweden soon, and if someone is able and interested, I'd like to obtain information from the United States of America concerning this particular case (can't get any information until agency is revealed yet, though).

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 11:18 AM
If someone found this interesting I have new information.

18th of december 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency made an agreement with the government of Sweden, to take care of two citizens from Egypt.
19th of december 2001, a United States of America owned airplane lands at the Bromma airport 21:00. The Swedish Security Police arrested the two citizens. 21:30, the airplane took away. Information sources say that both Central Intelligence Agency and Egypt agents were on the airplane.

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 11:20 AM
Do you have any links to any more information?

Would be appreciated, you might get a few mor responses too....

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 11:24 AM
This is very interesting and would be not at all surprising. Yes, please post anything you find.

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 03:08 AM
Most of the articles I've read are in written in foreign language (Sweden). But, I made a search on the Internet and came across a few interesting links:

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 03:17 AM
Crikey.... I read the Washington post story and it was quite bad.

It is also hypocritical, that in the US/Europe, one can expect a fair trial and be presumed innocent until prpven guilty, but we seem to regulary abuse fforeign nationals as if they where inferior, and not worthy of the same treatment.

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