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The CIA and the Washington Post - What You’re Not Being Told

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:24 PM
This should be a real eye-opener for some.

On the surface, we see clandestine security agencies, the dishonest media and finally, the CEO of one of the largest online retailers. What might they all have in common?

First, the discredited Washington Post has found themselves in quite the pickle. I say drop them like a hot potato and learn to think for yourself. Here's the latest...

According to an unsubstantiated article by the Washington Post, anonymous CIA officials have confirmed that the Russian government hacked the United States election to favor Donald Trump. Though it’s entirely possible the Russian government attempted to influence the election, the Post has been widely criticized — for the second time in a month — for its failure to follow basic journalistic practices.


If you’re left wondering why the CIA and the Washington Post are snuggle buddies, it would help to understand the connection between the two.

Introducing, Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos recently secured a $600 million contract from the CIA. That’s at least twice what Bezos paid for the Post this year. Bezos recently disclosed that the company’s Web-services business is building a ‘private cloud’ for the CIA to use for its data needs.

During this acquisition, a petition calling for the Washington Post to disclose it’s new ties to the CIA was met with 30,000 signatures. A call for transparency was needed.

According to the RootsforAction petition:

The Post often does reporting on CIA activities. The coverage should include full disclosure that the owner of the Washington Post is also the main owner of Amazon — and Amazon is now gaining huge profits directly from the CIA.

Money has a funny effect on people/corporations, especially when the status quo relies so heavily on the media’s ability to carry it across the finish line. Robert McChesney of the Institute for Public Accuracy (not sure who they are), had this to say about the glaring conflict of interest.

If some official enemy of the United States had a comparable situation—say the owner of the dominant newspaper in Caracas was getting $600 million in secretive contracts from the Maduro government—the Post itself would lead the howling chorus impaling that newspaper and that government for making a mockery of a free press. It is time for the Post to take a dose of its own medicine.

The Washington Post is reluctant to make it’s ties to the CIA apparent. They claim to be a purveyor of “great journalism,” falling back on the lack of obvious collusion and ignorance of the population.

To their dismay, history says otherwise...

In 1977, Carl Bernstein, a former Post journalist, wrote about the CIA’s efforts to infiltrate the news media, often with the assistance of top management at the papers. In total, Bernstein reported, over 400 journalists were involved.

If you already aren’t aware, as most ATS members should be…

Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple intelligence gathering to serving as go‑betweens with spies in Communist countries. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without‑portfolio for their country…In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.

Tim Weiner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist wrote this about the CIA’s first official chief, Allen Dulles. If what was known then can be applied to today’s situation, it might help explain they media’s behavior that has been a shock and awe demonstration.

Dulles kept in close touch with the men who ran the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the nation’s leading weekly magazines.

He could pick up the phone and edit a breaking story, make sure an irritating foreign correspondent was yanked from the field, or hire the services of men such as Time’s Berlin bureau chief and Newsweek’s man in Tokyo.

It was second nature for Dulles to plant stories in the press. American newsrooms were dominated by veterans of the government’s wartime propaganda branch, the Office of War Information.


Coincidentally, during Allen Dulles’s last year as the CIA’s director, he helped the Washington Post and the New York Times promote the “idea” that Guatemala’s democratically elected leader had ties to the Soviet Union and needed to be dealt with accordingly.

Strangely enough…

The American news media helped create public support for a coup covertly backed by the CIA (interestingly, the Times also recently came out with an anonymously-sourced article claiming the CIA has determined Russia hacked the election). At the time, Frank Wisner, chair of the CIA’s Directorate of Plans — and whom Bernstein named as a key operator in the CIA’s relationship with news outlets — directly praised the Post’s piece.

If you haven’t realized yet, the Washigton Post and the CIA have been working together for decades. In another thread, it was stated that they are more or less the mouthpiece of the presidency.

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:24 PM
Here is another good example…

In the 1990s, then-CIA Director Bill Casey appointed a man named Max Hugel as chief of the clandestine service, a small department within the CIA. But some agents disagreed with the appointment. Weiner explained:

They dug up dirt on him, fed it to the Washington Post, and forced him out in less than two months.

Whether or not the Post knew it was being used as a tool of intrigue by agents within the CIA is of little consequence. At best, they acted as “useful idiots” for schemers within the agency; at best, they knowingly aided the internal machinations of a spy agency.

The corruption continued through the Bush era and is alive and well today. Jeff Bezos still owns the Washington Post and the CIA, in my opinion, are still NOT acting in our best interest.

Do you still want to high-five the CIA? Keep reading…

The CIA also used its power in the media to silence a story published in the 1990s regarding the agency’s potential involvement in drug trafficking and the emergence of crack coc aine in black communities. Journalist Gary Webb had written an explosive investigative piece linking the agency to Contra fighters and the domestic drug market.

Six weeks after the story broke, the CIA’s PR machine struck back. It has been noted that the “CIA watched these developments closely, collaborating where it could with outlets who wanted to challenge Webb’s reporting.”

“The agency supplied the press, ‘as well as former Agency officials, who were themselves representing the Agency in interviews with the media,’ with ‘these more balanced stories,’ Dujmovic wrote.

The Washington Post proved particularly useful. ‘Because of the Post’s national reputation, its articles especially were picked up by other papers, helping to create what the Associated Press called a “firestorm of reaction” against the San Jose Mercury News.’

Over the month that followed, critical media coverage of the series (‘balanced reporting’) far outnumbered supportive stories, a trend the CIA credited to the Post, The New York Times, ‘and especially the Los Angeles Times.’

The CIA has a history of using the media to accomplish both internal and external political goals. If the past is taken into account, there is a big chance that multiple clandestine agencies are using the Washington Post to achieve their own goals.

Until then, the Washington Post continues to treat the government’s anonymous sources as fact and will report them as such. If Russia did in fact collaborate with the Trump to steal the election, I would suggest that he be removed.

Without knowing the truth, it’s in everyone’s best interest to disregard the Washington Post as a reliable source of news. Be strong, stay informed and get as much information from as many sources as possible. Be ATS, not below it.

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:33 PM
I saw some of this a short time ago... It was fairly obvious to a conspiracy minded individual that the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN have all be bought and paid for to push a political agenda ... Well done thread S&F

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:34 PM
Saw that IBM lost its suit against Bezos on that CIA deal. Imagine the data Bezos has on just about every consumer in the nation after 20 years of Amazon. My skin scrawls when I think of his power, and ties. Stopped buying from Amazon about three years ago when I visited the site to search for a product. Never logged in, or put anything in a shopping cart. I closed out of the browser, and two minutes later my Email dock bounced. It was an Email from Amazon enticing me back with near-similar products as the one I had priced on its site. Simply matched my IP address to an IP address from a past purchase, and came knocking. Creepy.

But back to you OP: I agree. Once Bezos bought it, I stopped buying it, and don't consider its stories to be in the best interests of an informed public.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:48 PM
We'll never be told the truth.
That can't happen

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:48 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

A very good write up OP thank you.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 06:10 PM

originally posted by: ShatteredKingdom
We'll never be told the truth.
That can't happen

Hi shattered, right you are. Thats what every wakeful denizen of Plato's Cave eventually realizes.

Its all rubbish.

Oh and welcome to ATS.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 06:20 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

Excellent thread, sir.

Coincidentally, during Allen Dulles’s last year as the CIA’s director, he helped the Washington Post and the New York Times promote the “idea” that Guatemala’s democratically elected leader had ties to the Soviet Union and needed to be dealt with accordingly.

So we see here a pattern where the Washington Post is being used to disseminate propaganda for the purposes of justifying war/regime change.

I remember reading somewhere that many of the CIA operatives during the Reagan/Bush years left to go work for the Globalist infiltrated Democrats because the Clintons paid more.

But beyond that I have to wonder why the CIA is so fond of the left these days.

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 06:26 PM
Lies..... all lies. Democrats good, everyone else bad. (fingers in ears) la la la la la la al I CANT HEAR YOU!!! lalalalalala.

It's sad. So much gullibility being taken advantage of and with no remorse from the people doing it what-so-ever, so convinced authority is the truth and not truth the authority.
They repeat instead of research. They believe instead of question....... and when all is said and done and life in America improves for all....... they will once again deny self responsibility and say.... its not my fault, I was tricked and lied to.
I remember when I was a kid the Carter/Reagan election. Carter years were painful. My oldman was out of work for like 2 years(overhead crane operator, Operating Engineers Union). He was home almost everyday...finding things for me to do..... really cramping my social life. Soon after Reagan became president it was back to normal, the old man was off at a job site for weeks at a time, mom was back going to bingo 3x a week..... and i was pretty much free to do what ever it was I felt like doing.

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 06:41 PM
Jeff Bezos also happens to own, and used his newspaper to wage an all-out smear campaign against Trump after he made these comments back in May.

Trump says Amazon has 'a huge antitrust problem'

WaPo isn't even a real newspaper. It's a globalist propaganda factory, the very definition of fake news.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 07:25 PM
Yeah, one of the primary steps in waking up to what's going on at a global level, is realizing that the mainstream media is complicit in spreading propaganda for the military-industrial complex, which also owns most of our top-level politicians.

For most of us this kind of post is preaching to the choir, while still informative. For example, I didn't know about Jeff Bezos' $600 million deal with the CIA, nor until recently about the Post's primacy in these Russia hacking accusations.

On a positive note, my very mainline Democrat roommate, who when I first met basically held all of the standard mainstream liberal viewpoints (Domestic surveillance is okay under Prism, Syria is about democracy not empire, the Democrats don't do war like the Republicans, identity politics is unassailable, the media tells the truth), is coming around. He has come around on everything from the dangers domestic surveillance holds to just recently the realization that the mainstream media may be manipulating people, and that the "fake news" campaign really is a propaganda campaign in its own way.

So there is hope people. For most of us, we only have the power to influence a handful of people in such a way. But if each of us does let's say open the mind of ten people, that can be exponential in impact.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 07:34 PM
Excellent post! Very thorough and in depth.

First off, all major media outlets are controlled and owned by a select few people. These same people carry much clout in politics, government, and affairs. It has been known for quite some time, but only to those who seek the truth. There have been many youtube videos made about CONgressional hearings that specifically have men admitting to supporting the media, and the CIA has funded, and keeps funding mass mind control operations for decades.

They all know exactly how to rouse up the crowds and just what to say.

They don't hire all them psychologists for nuthin'.
It is a severe operation that has been running for the better half of a century.
These people know exactly what they are doing.

Oh and it's your taxes that pay for it! Excellent!

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: intrptr

The allegory of the Cave. One of my favorites by Plato.

The rest well that we both agree on right there!

Thanks for the Welcome friend!

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 08:37 PM
Extend that to the rest of the media empire, including Fox, MSNBC, etc, and the answer is complete.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 10:01 PM
a reply to: havok

I think if you check the CFR's membership then most if not all Media is controlled by them .Carroll Quigleys Tragety and Hope is well worth checking out .Its a history of the hidden power that has never lost the power .

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 10:50 PM
awesome thread

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 11:33 PM
Good thread, thanks for putting this together. To add to that: Earlier on, before the election, Bezos and Trump were not getting a long. Here's some on it for after the election.
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posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 02:11 AM
I applaud the author for a detailed, voluminous post.
I would, however point out that some of what he supports relative to lack of proper citation by the Post, et al...He, himself is guilty of.

For example, I point to taking verbiage (claims/testimonials) from websites. While he properly cites the website, some of the material in a given and cut-n-pasted article is not sourced AT ALL.

I'm not saying the thrust of the article is incorrect, merely that the lackings in proper sourcing and construction compellingly undercut the presented argument. But, that is OK and par for the course these days.

Culturally and sociopolitically we tend these days to seek out our own "silos of agreement" as I like to call them; places where like-minded folk can hurl conspiratorial innuendo, claims, and ego-driven "certainties".

Those on the right dish out their thoughts on the Post, the Times, CNN, etc., while the left serves up similar missives regarding FOX, Breitbart and others of that ilk. And here's the truth of it:

*ALL* the corporate media is bought and paid for! While we fight amongst ourselves for political conspiratorial primacy on social media, in the streets, or among or friends and acquaintances, the brokers and bosses do their business and laugh all the way to the bank (probably offshore)!

We have got to stop being suckers, boys n girls. We have got to recognize that for every Obama conspiracy there is a GW Bush conspiracy. For every possible link between the Post and the CIA, there is a possible connect between Trump and Russia.

Speaking specifically of such, what makes anybody think it's not POSSIBLE that members of his team or Trump himself were not at least AWARE or PASSIVELY ACCEPTING of electoral help from Putin's machine?? There's nothing in Trump's past MO or character profile to suggest otherwise. Certainly, while it may not be true, to eliminate as a distinct possibility is intellectually vapid. Just as it is naïve to suggest that Hillary wasn't in the Pockets of the bankers and other corporate thieves. Certainly it was possible, if not likely true.


The more we piss and moan about a political person, process or program just because they have an R or a D after their name or because the topic du jour is known to be supported by a "conservative" or "liberal" person or group, the more we allow the wool to be wrapped around our heads like foolish mummies. OF COURSE gun ownership is an unassailable constitutional right, just as it is certain that humans are exacerbating, if not creating changes in our climate! All one has to do, respectively, is read the legal breifs of legal scholars and published articles of climate scientists to glean the comforting and tragic truths.

Now there is a minority on either side of the aisle that will disagree with those statements, purely because the chatter within their "silo of agreement" demands it. I challenge all of you to do and be BETTER.

Let's stop appeasing each other and really understand who is winning while we fight the ultimately losing fight. There are plenty of smart, capable people here on the right and the left (I've been lurking for a while now), just as there are good guys/gals and bad ... really selfish and even evil... guys/gals on the left and the right! Can we, collectively try to hold ALL of them accountable, regardless of their perceived political leanings? Dare we try to challenge our own egos, biases and perceptions to allow the "other side" to have ideas and truths that hold merit?

Sorry this is such a long reply. Perhaps a mod will give my dialogue it own topic... I'm a noob. I will, however leave you (for now) with a final thought:

Conspiratorial politics/governing has become like the weather; it is uncontrollable and sometimes totally screws people. But it is always present. At our level, the more we understand the forces behind it, the better our chances to survive and hopefully, thrive. Logic is a great umbrella, just as tenacity is an awesome parka and intellectual flexibility is the only sunblock worth having.

You can find me at the beach brothers and sisters!

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posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 02:51 AM
Top shelf stuff, this is why I come to ATS.

posted on Dec, 21 2016 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: eisegesis

Great thread. s&f
...but does it go far enough back? does this below interest you

don't stop

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