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Great Pyramid - Longest Land Meridian ?

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 12:57 PM
I am trying to find someone who has the time, interest, and knowledge to help me learn the truth about ONE well known claim about the Great Pyramid. That claim is the center of land mass claim and its component claim of being built on the LONGEST LAND MERIDIAN.

Anyone looking at a map can clearly suspect that the GP does not reside on the LLM as claimed. Just to the west about 384 miles is a longer LLM ?

Many websites boast the GP resides on the LLM but there is evidence that there is a longer LLM as I just referenced.

Here is a Rutherford quote:

"Pyramidology Book 1" by Dr. Adam Rutherford, pages 34, 36, 37:

"The GP is built at the geographical center of the land surface of the Earth (refer to map of the World on a homolographic projection, i.e., an equal area map).

It stands on the longest land-contact meridian on the Earth's surface.

It is situated on the longest land-contact Earth-circuit bearing (rhumb) on the Earth's surface.

As stated by Abbe Moreux, Director of the Bourges Observatory, France: "The meridian of the Pyramid - the line running north and south, passing through its apex - is the ideal meridian; it is that which crosses the greatest amount of land and the smallest amount of sea".

The GP's opposite or nether meridian, at the same time, crosses the greatest amount of sea and smallest amount of land. Hence, the meridian of the GP is the natural zero of longitude for the entire globe and would be the most suitable for international reckoning. As measured from the Greenwich (London) zero, it is Longitude 31 degrees 9' 0" E. The GP stands at the center of the land surface of the Earth: this was first observed by the astronomer, Prof. C. Piazzi Smyth. END RUTHERFORD QUOTE.

Question: Please review the links below which provide the "refutation" that the GP resides on the LLM.

Personally, I do not need the alleged mathematical refutation below as I can see on a map that the LLM is not running through the GP ?

Here is a site that refutes the GP/LLM claim:

Smyth, in his book, with the famous equal area projection map plate only claims LOWER EGYPT to be along the LLM. BUT many people since him have specifically argued that the LLM the GP resides on "through its apex" is the LLM, yet below is evidence to the contrary IT SEEMS.

I am hoping you have the time and interest and ability to help me learn the truth here ?

Here are the links which argue the LLM refutation.

I am "Willowtree". Please wait after clicking for true page to appear (true page = last number in link).

Could you please tell me if the GP actually resides on the LLM or are a lot of people over time just mistaken ?

Can you help ?

In summary,

Can anyone review the refutation links pasted above and determine their validity ?

Can anyone offer an explanation as to why so many people claim the GP on the LLM IF it is not ?

Is the refutation wrong ?

Please - only persons who are in the know respond.

I am an amateur pyramidologist and only describe myself that way because I do not have a degree in science.


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