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CE3 Case - Crowborough, Sussex, UK in Summer 1972

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posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 04:47 PM
I've been meaning to post this for some time, but for one thing or another just not gotten around to it. That, and the fact I couldn't locate the original written statements I took until last week in my somewhat full attic!

So, this comes from a now elderly gentleman who at the time he gave me the report was of a notable standing for the local community. I can't reveal his identity this time around as I've not sought his permission again, even though he gave it originally. I just don't want to cause him any trouble over it so I hope you can trust me when I say he's a decent, grounded chap - not one for flights of fancy, and I personally have no doubt that what he saw is as he described it to me.

So here you go - I've scanned in the pages of the questionnaire I gave to him. At the time I was looking to start a group, but I had a few personal problems at the time and things never got going. The questions, looking back, are somewhat muddled but they get most of the important information - so please take them for what they are.

I'll post these scans in one at a time, and write word-for-word what he put just in case you can't read the writing (I won't rewrite checkbox answers). The event took place in the summer of 1972 in the town of Crowborough, Sussex - UK. It was a daylight siting, which makes it all the more intriguing.

Page 1:

2) If you answered no to the above, is there a reason you do not wish to be contacted?
Not really, only that the sighting occured so long ago ie about 29 years ago;

If you really want to follow up on this then you can contact me.

Page 2:

Sighting Details

1) When did your encounter take place?
Summer 1972, on a Saturday about 11:30am

Page 3:

9) Where were you when the sighting took place. If possible, please specify the nearest postal address or town.

Crowborough in Sussex (Caracas, Beacon Road West) - I was actually upstairs, in a chalet bungalow, looking out of a clear glass window. - Please note that this bungalow stands at the very top of a hill and my view of the object, although it was higher than me, was none the less fairly flat ie I was only looking up (illegible) with the sky about an 8-10 degree angle ie the object was VERY low.

10) If relevant, how long did you view the object(s)? (Specify in hours:minutes:seconds)

About 40 or 50 seconds; Maybe a little longer.

Page 4:

12) Were the object(s) you observed brighter than the sky? If yes, imagine you were to compare it to a pair of car headlights in front of you. How bright was the object(s) you saw?

I saw this in broad daylight!! Distance would be no further than 400 odd yards away; object was not brighter than the sky; when I lost sight of it, I would say it was about 75 yards away.

13) Did the object(s):

It did none of the above!!

Page 5:

17) How did you view the object?

I viewed the object through a clear glass window.

18) Did you notice any sound that you could associate with the object? If so, please specify, also noting 'unusual' changes in the environment, such as wildlife disturbance, complete silence, traffic noise etc.

Object did not appear to emit any sound; But remember, I was indoors not outside.

Page 6:

19) How would you describe the colour(s) of the object? Please be as descriptive as you can.

Object was a metallic, silvery colour with a transparent dome. At the bottom, underneath, were very rapidly "shinning" (sic) lights, rather like the Xmas tree rope lights also(?) moving VERY much faster.

Page 7:

23) Where were you located when you observed the object(s)? For example, were you in a car?

I was upstairs in a chalet bungalow looking out of a clear glass window.

OP's note: When I spoke to him, he was actually taking a leak in an upstairs toilet. As he was dealing with this, he glanced to his right to look out of the window, and that's when he saw the object come into his peripheral vision. Comically, at this point he 'missed' the bowl!

24) What caused you to notice the object(s)?

I would have to have been blind to have missed it!!! It flew into my field of view.

Page 8:

26) Do you think you can estimate the speed of the object(s)? If so, please specify in miles per hour or kilometres per hour.

No more than 15/20 miles per hour; this thing was moving slowly.

27) How far away from you would you say the object(s) were?

When I first saw it about 450/500 yards away, perhaps a little further; When I lost sight of it about 75 yards or so away.

28) Have you reported the object(s) to any authorities - particularly any government agencies?

NO - I have spoke to friends etc about it both at the time and now. I do understand however that it was reported in the papers and perhaps on TV and was put down to the planet Mars/hot air balloons, aircraft etc - I can tell you now that it was NONE of those things!!!

Page 9:

30) Was anyone else with you at the time of the encounter to witness the object? If so, you are advised to refrain from discussing the incident until each witness has completed his/her own questionnair. This will ensure that evidence from witnesses are not influenced by what another may have seen. If possible, please enter their details, including contact number and/or home address.

I was alone upstairs in the chalet bungalow at the time but my ex-wife and in-laws were downstairs; I yelled at them to go out into the garden to see this thing but by the time thay got out the object had gone. - I was told at the time that many others had also seen this object.

Page 10:

33) How did the object(s) disappear from view. Please give a short description.

It moved out of my site(sic) when it disappeared behind the edge of the window frame; by the time I got down the stairs and outside (say, 5 seconds), the object had disappeared.

Page 11:

34) In your opinion, what do you think the object(s) were?

If I am being asked to guess then I would have to say "Flying Saucer"; What it actually is I have no idea.

I can tell you quite definitely that the human race did not make it; Why? Because it had a transparent dome on top; I could see in!!

This sounds ridiculous but 3 beings inside, one large and very pale colour and two typical grey type "things" (OP note: He related this description to modern day movie stereotypes) (huanoids I suppose you would say). The large "humanoid" had a pale face BUT the rest of the upper part of the body I could see was "dressed" in a silver coloured "uniform".

....continued below...

posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 04:47 PM

35) Finally, please give any relevant details below which may help us in our investigation. If necessary, you may add further details regarding the observation by attaching additional pages to this form. If you are able to draw a diagram detaling the object and sketch your position in relation to the object(s), you may also attach these to this form.

Hope this helps!! Object was observed for about 40 or so seconds from a distance of 450 to 75 yards.

It made NO sound, it moved slowly, I would say the object itself was probably 20 yards across - it appeared to be quite big;

When viewing the thing I had time to look at it, look away, try and tell myself I was halucinating, it was a hot air balloon etc and dismiss them all - object WAS a flying saucer.

DIAGRAM notes: Transparent Dome, Very fast, flashing lights - multicoloured, Chalet Bungalow


He did mention other aspects, such as the object was skimming the tops of the conifers that were level with his eyeline - he actually thought it was going to crash and half expected to see it down when he got downstairs. He's genuinely at a loss to explain what he saw - but he's adamant he saw it - so much so he was prepared to go on record and potentially risk his position in doing so.

He also saw the 'beings' (I hate that term) moving around the 'cockpit' and controlling various parts of whatever they could see. That part in particular seems to have freaked him out a little.

I felt it best to share it to a wider audience. I did send this into UFO magazine some years back - they summarised it and published it, but it didn't contain the pics or the verbatim text from my questionnaire. To me, it's an important case - I hope you think so to. Enjoy!

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posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 05:08 PM
Very interesting sighting, good find OP. S&F.

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 10:05 AM
awesome thread all my s&fs
nice to see you like the humanoids
the witness saw a dyad scout craft(term by richard hall)
two or more beings on a small saucer craft with a dome

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