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About the book “Revelations of Abbatus Scorch”

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posted on Dec, 5 2016 @ 08:21 PM
There is some information about the book “Revelations of Abbatus Scorch” by Tom Sander

link to image:

Tom is my friend and known as political consultant in United States.

When he travelled to Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2014 to attend a meeting of independent journalists, his friend mailed that “there`s a chance to have conversation with one very uncommon political person”. This uncommon person was the man, who asked to call him Abbatus Scorch.

It is a long story about ancient society, dirty tricks, illegal tactics, conspiracy, hidden geopolitics and even about the magic of modern science. But all this things are just a part of iceberg.

Abbatus explained he represents another branch of humanity, some very hidden group most known as “Guidings or sometimes - Guides“. “Guides“ are people like us, but much smarter, faster, unpredictable. They have different understanding of life, special skills and get extraordinary spiritual experiences.

“Guides“ not rule the world, they are not kind of some secret government, they don’t have billions of dollars, but pretend to be planet watchers. They have deep understanding of human nature, understanding – how this global system works and, even more – ace in the hole, some “trump card technologies”.

“Guides“ help us realize our goals and prevent natural and technology disasters. But it is time for something bigger.

They created the Plan to refresh global policy management and rules - the anti-globalization manifest “4WW (4 Ways World) “ or “The New Renaissance” project:
-the multipolar world without hegemons and almighty Transnational corporations (less power for TNC).
-more fairness for small nations, different types of Economics, alternative forms of governance and states
- green light to innovations, spirited and creative people, art, science, technologies.
- less crime, wars and primitive culture.

Sounds like a brave new world, but whats next?

“Guides“ transferred patronage to the second division “Ornate“. I'm talking about some special group of people of different nationalities and professions all over the world, who work as a team under the control of “guidings/guides“. They are integrated into the various sectors of society.

Brexit was the first successful attempt, but not the last one. They intend to reform world political system and transform some macro-regions and countries like a puzzle. Global organizations ( NATO, UN, G20) will be changed or replaced by others - modern and efficient.

I want to tell you more about The New Renaissance or 4WW, but have received not all chapters of book. There is still some problems with publishing full text in USA until the end of 2018. Maybe we can find solution or make it happen in Italy and Switzerland.

I will update info later.

posted on Dec, 5 2016 @ 10:50 PM
Well, I am extremely intrigued if you plan to provide more info on how to obtain the available information. The only link I can find in the OP is a jpg of the book cover. Please elaborate if possible.

posted on Dec, 5 2016 @ 11:44 PM
It all looks and sounds hoaky.

But I really do hope that powers other than those looking for selfish gain exist, like those you mention who would like to improve conditions on Earth..


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