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Philadelphia Experiment: Al Bielek

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posted on Jun, 23 2003 @ 06:52 AM
I`m not passing any judgement on this based on this site, but it does provide some rather startling info on Al Bielek.

This site is not a debunking of the experiment itself just one of Al Bielek. It seems he may have been dishonest in some if not all his claims.

posted on Jun, 29 2003 @ 12:07 PM
"This site is not a debunking of the experiment itself just one of Al Bielek. It seems he may have been dishonest in some if not all his claims."

you didn't read it all or you didn't understand what you've read. It IS a debunking web site, because we proved, that Bielek's father 'Alexander Duncan Cameron' didn't exist but the biographical data were stolen from another person. Therefore 'Ed Cameron' and his halfbrother are characters of Bielek's imagination, which finally proves the whole story of Bielek's participation in the PX and later in the Montauk Project as hoax.

To make it clear - the evidence shown is ONLY related to Bielek and his claims - it does not debunk the PX itself. It might have happened as described by Allende or in the famous interview of this 'Dr. Rinehart' by Bill Moore.

Gerold M. Schelm

posted on Jun, 29 2003 @ 02:47 PM
A few things that I know about the Philadelphia Experiment:

Project Rainbow was originally initiated ostensibly to create a radar cloaking or radar stealth capacity for warships (there is evidence this in itself was a coverstory for another purpose of the experiment). At least one source I have read indicated that this project was originated after the US government saw some of Nikola Teslas early experiments, and he did offer some technical information to the military, including some weaponized technology. (I believe it to be very significant that Nikola Tesla is never officially named anywhere regarding this project)

Somewhere along the way of rigging the Eldrige, Tesla got into a disagreement with the military and wanted out of the project. They did not want to release him from the project, and he intentionally detuned the coils on the Eldrige, making them malfunction (just wouldnt turn on essentially). Thinking he was unreliable, the Navy released Tesla. Navy scientists then attempted to retune the coil system on the Eldridge. From what I know, the incident in Philadelphia Bay was NOT the actual experiment, but an accident that occurred as they were attempting to power the system up for fine tuning. (Think about it, would you run a super classified experiment in a high traffic bay??? With witnesses all over the place????)

Project Rainbow was later relocated out to sea where the experiment was conducted out of sight of prying eyes. The results from this experiment are unknown, but must have been positive as they were later continued at Camp Hero, Montauk Point, NY, at the old Naval Radar site. The radar antenna was apparently used as the original transmitter.

There are many different threads regarding Camp Hero, although I believe it to be fairly obvious that this line of experiments and technology led to what the US and various other foreign governments now have in operation as HAARP or other scalar technology.

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