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Conservative Party Team

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 02:37 PM
Welcome to the Conservative Party Team Thread for the run up to the 2005 General Election.

See - Party Groups For Elections

Although I am not eligible to vote in the 2005 general election I am a strong believer in the Conservative method of running a country: minimal needed interference from the state and letting people get on with their lives.
I think it best to let the Conservative Party describe themselves best…..

Conservative Party

What Conservatives stand for
Conservatives come from every background and walk of life. They can be found in every local community in our land, working for the common good. They adapt to changing social conditions and face up to new challenges as our country evolves - but they are united around a set of core principles.

Personal Freedom
Conservatives believe the people should be big, and the state should be small. That is why we are determined to thin down Labour's fat government. Today Labour's bloated bureaucracy is the same size as the population of Sheffield - and there are more civil servants in the Department of Work and Pensions than there are soldiers in the British Army. We will freeze civil service recruitment and reduce the mountain of regulations which Labour has inflicted on Britain - its businesses, its education service and its NHS.

Enterprise and Opportunity
Conservatives believe that personal happiness and economic success alike flourish when individuals and families are free to seize opportunities in their own way. It is the task of government to increase opportunities and remove barriers to them. Above all, we believe in the benefits of low taxes. It is right that people keep more of what is theirs - because it leads to greater economic success that benefits everyone.

Conservatives believe that people need choice to exercise responsibility - which is the hallmark of a free society. Putting purchasing directly in the hands of parents and patients means that funding for schools and hospitals goes straight to the front line - and drives improvements in quality to make the users of public services satisfied with them.

Conservatives are at the forefront of community life and understand what duty to family, neighbourhood and the nation as a whole involves. It means looking out for those that need a helping hand - elderly people, youngsters in need of guidance and all those who call on the services of others. It means care for our environment which we hold in trust for future generations. These are simple, decent values but they have been subverted in Britain today by political correctness which we are determined to roll back.

Safety and Stability
Conservatives know that there is no more fundamental duty than the maintenance of the rule of law which is the bedrock of a secure and peaceful life. Up and down our land we will reintegrate our police men and women once more with the communities they serve, increasing their numbers, cutting the paperwork which now ties them down and sending them out in our service with the powers they need to overcome crime and help our society recover discipline, decency and respect. And we will restore pride in our Armed Forces who not only protect us from external threat but contribute so much to the peace of the wider world.

A Nation State
Conservatives believe in the great national institutions - monarchy, Parliament, the courts of law- which enshrine our country's values and guard its identity. Our currency is another symbol of our nationhood. That is why we are determined to stop the pound being scrapped. The biggest threat to our national identity today is the European Constitution. We believe that the people should be given a referendum at the earliest possible moment- and we will campaign for the rejection of the Constitution.

Here are some links that will give you a better insight into the Conservative Party:
Leader of the Conservative Party - Michael Howard
Conservative Party - Policy
Conservative Party - People (MP's, MEP's, etc)
Conservative Party - Current Campaigns
Conservative Party - A Brief History

So if you’re currently a member of the Conservative Party, or like me and support the policy and ideology then join the Conservative Party Team for the 2005 General Election, all are welcome.

Team Aim:
To present the policy of the Conservative Party as policy that can work to make Britain a better Britain.

Policy Note:
When starting a thread on a area of Conservative Policy start the thread as:
Conservative: (insert policy name here eg Immigration)

General Note:
This thread is for recruitment for the P@ATS General Election campaign proposed by infinite.
The purpose of this thread is not for the ‘bashing’ of any political parties or their policy’s.
The purpose of this thread is not to recruit people for the official Conservative Party.

[edit on 26-1-2005 by UK Wizard]

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 11:16 AM
I've now resigned as sole member and leader of the Conservative faction for the following reason(s):

- I'm fed up of their tired policy and the fact they are living in the past.

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