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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 10:44 AM
received this e-mail yesterday,looks like another source bites the dust,gotta wonder why jon bannenberg was adverse to sharing information to the general public?

In late December 2004 Jon Bannenberg, one of our founding Directors, sold his French publishing company. Since then he has kindly donated 1.5 million euros to Interseti to run a series of scientific research projects in the field of general UFO matters with special focus on the space, medical and biological promise shown by current research into the “zero point field”. (For more info on this subject please read the superb paperback “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart now available from Element Publishing) From March 1st forty different projects will begin, some lasting only a few months others years. We are (to put it mildly!) very grateful for Jon’s generosity and continued commitment to UFO research. The new organisation will be based in brand new offices in Barcelona, Spain. Karen Dawson and Andrew Harris, who many of you will know have been the backbone of our photographic team in the UK, will move to the new office mid February. We in the UK wish them well and thank them for the tremendous enthusiasm and hard work they put in month after month for no monetary reward. At least now they will be paid for the efforts and also get a great tan!


The bad news is that as part of our move from UK to Spain the Interseti site will cease to be. There are various reasons for this. For instance last year we decided after many requests to put the whole of our photographic library on line for direct download by our subscribers. This required a large amount of time and effort from our already busy staff. However since then only two people have actually bothered to download what we believe is the world’s best, most detailed UFO photographic evidence! I am sure you would agree this is not a wise use of our resources. The site is also subject to a huge barrage of spam e mail and “infected” files most of them malicious. Whilst our on line security has stopped any damage to our system it is a continuing nuisance. This simply cannot continue. Jon Bannenberg has always been adverse to giving out information and images to the general public and part of his agreement to donate this huge amount of money to Interseti is that we do not continue with the website. In future reports and images will only be sent and shared with the scientific community who are open and sympathetic to this subject.

For those who have supported us over the years we thank you.

Next week a selection of our images will be sent out to you as a thank you and will include, after many very wet nights of observation, brand new unpublished images of the Fleetwood UFOs.


Mike Murray.


Interseti Research Group.


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