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Secret Russian Book from 1946-47 speaks of 58 alien races

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posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 01:36 PM
I've seen that one here before and I'm glad to see it again.

I think it is definitely one of the coolest little e-book-entities on the web. I love the painstaking formatting and TLC that was obviously put in to the project. It's very sweet and boutique-y; very novel.

Thanks for posting again I am sure that I had lost the bookmark from last time I saw it.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 05:58 PM

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
a reply to: Spacespider

Where's the original?

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: Spacespider

Interesting however thanks to the links of the other ATS threads I would concur with this quote from Peeple

Russian Alien Race Book. by skyblueworld

It would make a great card game, the 93races... If someone would want to debunk it i'd start at page60. Besides that, why Diana? The goddess of hunting, really? Why not Athene? Or Isis? I'd say fiction and it needs a few improvments to be good fiction

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 05:30 AM

originally posted by: gunshooter

originally posted by: Joneselius
The robotic voice makes the video too hard to listen to. There's no genuflection in the voice and so it all sounds like one long sentence.

I managed to get through a few of these but, really, how would we vet this. What evidence standard do we have to measure this against? Most of the pictures are of Hollywood or other such sources.

This is all very fantastic and might have a few people fooled with it's semi-professional layout and presentation but, I'm not buying it. Truth is, we wouldn't know anything about an alien race unless they wanted us to - and it would be reasonable to assume that they're lying (especially if the remote viewers are to be believed).

I'm not sure how you meant genuflect in your sentence? I was raised Catholic unfortunately, and I know the meaning of genuflection, perhaps you meant genuine sound? When in doubt of a word, google is a great dictionary/thesaurus. As far as the video, and the book? NO WAY, I'm all for believing in aliens, and what not, but some things take it a bit too far for my taste..........

I'd say INFLECTION is the word you are looking for

posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 03:48 AM
Well it is official the American mainstream media and the internet media has chosen to make fun of the Baltic Sea anomaly, and has watered down the seriousness of the investigation to the point of being a laughable side show. Not long ago, Yahoo news placed the investigation into their broken news category, poking fun at the anomaly and jokingly calling it the Millennium falcon. This of course reduces the entire investigation into a joke which is irritating because of the fact that beyond the speculation of it being an alien craft is of course the very true and historical idea that it could be a Nazi saucer. This of course has escaped the mainstream media even though we now have several websites including a team from the Netherlands who is willing to go on the record to discuss the findings and the history that Max de Lafayette was afraid to talk about. The subject rarely comes up, and that is the terminology that was used to describe the unidentified flying object prior to World War II. The term Ghost rocket or ghost machine was a term used to describe anomalous aircraft that were seen in the skies above Sweden and Norway.

In the last years of WW2 into the 50’s there where many ghost machine's that were flying above Sweden and Norway. They were never explained, but they were seen by many people. We are racing for the death bed confessions of those who have either seen or have come in contact with these machines, and have had a paranormal experience with them. Could it be that what the Ocean X team are seeing is a ghost ship, or a rocket that still may have a powerful element in it’s power core? In the spring of 1946 and until the end in 1947 there were numerous reports the so-called ghost machines over Sweden and Norway. In June 18, 1946: Lieutenant Colonel Engvik of the Air Force Command told the press that the military does not know of any ghost rockets, even though pictures and articles had shown up by the hundreds in the various newspapers. A lot of German military would watch these experimental craft take off along the Baltic coast! Then there was an immediate gag order. The British newspaper The Telegraph reported that “The discussion of the flights of rockets over Scandinavia has ceased in Norwegian newspapers. The Norwegian General Staff released a message to the press and asked that it should not mention anything about German Saucer testing over the Norwegian territory.

The information about the Nazi technology has been sensitive for some time. It has only been spun as mythology in some circles and yet it has been most certainly part of history in many areas of Europe and it’s paranormal origins are also a matter of record. The history of the German saucers and the extraterrestrial collusion allegedly began with Maria Orsic, a German medium who became a contactee, and recipient of extraterrestrial messages from Aldebaran, which contained specific scientific and technical data on how to build a Vril saucer. The German UFO era arguably can be traced to the Maria Orsic contacts that began in 1917 and ended in 1945. German scientists began working secretly on special Luftwaffe projects beginning in 1921- 1947 which consisted of various and numerous saucer projects, carried first by independent civilian German and Austrian scientists outside the control of the SS, and which later on became part of Nazi Germany wonder-weapons programs placed under the direct control of SS General Hans Kammler and SS General Jacob Sporrenberg, and few programs under the control of the Luftwaffe. Maria Orsic’s group tried to develop contemporarily saucer models and other super flying machines solely based upon channeled extraterrestrial technical data, while the other groups were attempting to build these experimental machines and develop new propulsion systems based exclusively upon scientific data, whether traditional or avant-garde using revolutionary concepts such as anti-gravity and harvesting energy from water, atom, oxygen, gas, liquid gas, various types of fuels, electro-magnetic field, and other unconventional sources and materials.

Thus, we have here an era which consisted of more than one German effort, one German group, or a specific direction toward developing and building UFOs. Each project and effort was carried out according to new concepts, theories and discoveries, quite often in sharp contrast with what was going on in various and separate facilities, hangars, military bases, underground testing tunnels, locations, and laboratories. The Vril, Thules, and other groups allegedly found that they could generate from inanimate material true Aryan beings and these beings were able to teach Nazi engineers how to make a saucer shaped inter–dimensional time travel machine. By 1932, Hitler had gained enough control of German society to force scientists to work in laboratories on saucer aircraft designs. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans were making extraordinary progress. The Germans, allegedly under the direction of the secret chiefs, were creating the first flying saucers. By coincidence, or perhaps not, the broadcast of the War of the Worlds was heard on Halloween Night in 1938. While Orson Welles was delivering a bit of fiction on the air, the American people were white knuckling their way through the show and wondering if the world was being invaded by Martians in flying discs.

posted on Nov, 16 2016 @ 03:49 AM
Ten months later, there was an announcement on German radio of another invasion. This invasion was not Martians in flying saucers but Poles invading the borders. It was propaganda minister Josef Goebbels who spoke of the invasion, and after the Reichstag Fire the Germans were willing to accept the claim that their Germany was being threatened by terrorists. What really happened was that the Nazis dressed up some prisoners in Polish uniforms, broadcast a threat from a radio not far from the Polish border, shot the place up and left the bodies lying around as proof that the Poles were dangerous terrorists. This was known as Operation Canned Meat. The Germans demanded that the armies retaliate, which gave the scientists more reason to keep working on their new weapon. The Vril Saucers and variants of these aircraft were developed at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia in 1939. It was rumored that the Saucer was back engineered from a Saucer that was revealed to the secret orders by the gray chiefs in 1936. The United States became interested in the progress of German scientists and sent their own scientists to give technical assistance on their project and to keep an eye on German technology in general. Antigravity saucers remained in the research and development stage for some time. The war was a fast–moving monster and the scientists had a hard time keeping up with it. However, they did have pilotless prototype saucers that kept the Allies busy.

The reports of mysterious lights in the night skies over Germany became frequent. In the area between Hagenau in Alsace–Lorraine and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Rhine Valley, there were reports of large orbs that flew rapidly through the sky, harassing Allied planes. American pilots claimed that the Germans had created a secret weapon. Saucer technologies and other Luftwaffe experiments were funded by none other than Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather. Declassified US government documents reveal that Prescott Bush’s involvement in financing and arming the Nazis was more extensive than previously known. Besides the money he provided for Hitler, he was also involved with an energy company that supplied the Luftwaffe with high–ethyl fuel and steel. The steel company employed Jewish slave labor from Auschwitz. In 1947, after ex–Nazis had taken charge of our space program, a harbor patrolman named Harold Dahl claimed that a flying disc was seen, and that it spewed hot slag on to a boat in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.This was later known as the Maury Island affair. Dahl’s supervisor James Lee Crisman turned over the slag to two Army G–men who were sent to keep a lid on the experiments of Paper Clip.

The two intelligence agents and their slag were blown to bits when the B–25 they were on crashed en route to Wright–Patterson Air Force base. Since classified material had been on the plane, Army officials hinted at sabotage. Crisman and Dahl then claimed that the entire Maury Island UFO event was a hoax and that none of them worked for the harbor patrol. So if Crisman didn’t work for the harbor patrol, who did he work for? Crisman worked for the OSS the agency that was replaced with the CIA in 1947. Crisman knew Clay Shaw who of course had a role in the JFK assassination and worked with the OSS during Operation Paper Clip. It all goes in circles and the tentacles lead to NAZI/Alien CIA collusion, all to bring about a shadow government. The CIA and NSA have never been in the business of cheating the American public and never gave them misinformation, and if they had, they did not reveal the whole truth, and if they did, it would have not been in the best interest of the Americans. So what they did was done in the best intentions to protect the sanity and the state of mind and the national security of America. Some secrets should not be made public.

Three days after the Maury Island affair, Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying wedges winking in the sunlight over the Cascade Range. Thirteen days later a flying disc crashed at Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947. On the 3rd of August 1947 Kenneth Arnold’s airplane was sabotaged, and he narrowly escaped being killed in a plane crash. Paul Lance, the Tacoma Times reporter who investigated the Maury Island affair, died suddenly and the cause of his death was suspicious. A short time later, Ted Morello, The United Press stringer at Tacoma, also died. In September of 1947, the CIA was created. It was a restructuring of intelligence for the United States. So watch the movies, "Apt Pupil" by Stephen King, and "They Live." The time has now come!

November 16, 2016

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