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Five Killed, One Hurt After Being Flung Before Train By Soldiers

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 03:18 AM
Indian soldiers hurled some people off a train. Unfortunately they were trown in front of another speeding train going in the other direction, killing 5 of them. Apparently they tried to sit down in a section of the train reserved for soldiers.

From: Yahoo: Five killed, one hurt after being flung before train by soldiers

Five people were killed after being hurled out of a stationary train compartment by Indian soldiers directly onto the path of another speeding train in northern India, police said.

"Some passengers entered a compartment of the stationary Farakka Express occupied by jawans (soldiers) from the Rajputana Rifles and BSF. After an altercation, the jawans allegedly threw six people out of the train," said local police chief Ram Kumar.

"Four men and one woman were run over by the Sampoorn Kranti express as they landed on the adjoining railway track. One person is in hospital. We will get an eyewitness account from him," he added.

Quite a rough way to tell people to find another seat, I think...

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