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Teneo, MF Global and links to the Clinton’s

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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 01:02 AM
Slowly all the dots start to connect, I hope people find this informative.

Source: WikiLeaks Podesta Emails
Search terms used: Teneo , MF Global , Bari Lurie , Chelseaoffice , cheryl.mills

Podesta Emails5486

“ Dear John and Cheryl—First, the President asked that I forward this draft letter to you for your review. The STB lawyers at our meeting yesterday (Dick Beattie, Jennifer and I) noted that a friendly written confirmation is usual in such circumstances. The President indicated that he would also be more comfortable having a written record. I believe that he intends to discuss this with each of you as to content, timing, and delivery.”

The attached letter to email #5486:

Office of William J. Clinton
55 West 125th Street
New York, New York 10027
December 22, 2011

Mr. Declan Kelly
601 Lexington Avenue, 55th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Dear Declan:

As you know, I am planning to devote more of my time to the Clinton Foundation and
its activities. Therefore, I am writing to confirm my conversation with Doug that I will no longer
be able to serve on the Advisory Board of Teneo.
I applaud the wonderful work that you are doing, and I wish you and the firm all
success in the future.

Sincerely yours,
William J. Clinton

cc: Doug Band

Podesta Emails 6320

“we need come up with a reorg concept for the relationship with wjc and teneo that is lower key and handled privately and properly that we should discuss”

"This model would mean that all non-Foundation entities would no longer be co-located with Foundation; that folks would be on a single payroll - Foundation or personal. Whatever rules the Foundation creates for folks being able to earn outside income would apply equally."

(WJC is Bill Clinton) Is this another case of public dissociations but continued private interests?

Chelsea Clinton & Bari Lurie involvement.
Podesta Emails 2346

“Sara Latham (whom Victoria and Jennifer, I do know well - she worked for my Dad in the WH and lives in London) voiced serious concerns to Bari - including telling her Ilya has called Members of the House and Members of Parliament, "on behalf of President Clinton," for Teneo clients (eg for Andrew Liveris and Dow who's coming this month to London), without my father's knowledge and inelegantly and ineffectually at best and at worse has now precipitating people in London making comparisons between my father and Tony Blair's profit motivations. Which would horrify my father. Sara also told Bari she started working for Teneo, as Teneo, more than a year ago and then recently stopped because she was so upset, partly because of what Doug and Declan asked her to do/ pretend was happening for their clients at Davos- that's all I know. I am hoping to connect directly with Sara this week, if only to connect her belatedly into Victoria and Jennifer.
I'm speaking at an innovations in governance conference today here in Oxford and flying back later this afternoon. I will raise all of this and more with my father this evening. Wanted to update you all in the meanwhile about my augmented concerns post London and the below. Thank you. Chelsea”

Doug's Teneo et al memo
Podesta Emails 2874

“I'm also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed.”

“ I realize it is difficult to confront and reason with her but this could go to far and then we all will have a real serious set of other problems. I don't deserve this from her and deserve a tad more respect or at least a direct dialogue for me to explain these things. She is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she's doing because she, as she has said, hasn't found her way and has a lack of focus in her life. I realize she will be off of this soon but if it doesn't come soon enough....”

(Doug Band memo about Chelsea Clinton)

Clinton Foundation’s chief operating officer tried commit suicide.
Podesta Emails 3399

There is a quick mention of MF Global in the suicide email chain that stands out. MF Global’s CEO from 2010 to 2011 was Jon Corzine. He was also a former New Jersey Democratic Gov. , CEO of Goldman Sachs and was a client of Teneo. Jon Corzine also chaired a presidential commission for Bill Clinton and served on the U.S. Treasury Department's borrowing committee. (see the connection?)
MF Global collapsed in 2011 and was one of the 10 biggest bankruptcies in U.S. history. Corzine was subpoenaed to appear before a House committee on December 8, 2011, to answer questions regarding 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS of missing money from MF Global client accounts. He testified before the committee: "I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date".

Obama & Corzine photo
Obama & Corzine

Hillary & Corzine photo
Hillary & Corzine

This is starting to get interesting.... Anyone want to dig a little deeper?

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