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the evidnce was clear. Jaone had smashed the bells and gongs to smitherines

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posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 04:43 PM
So, my dear friend looking for that certain something strolled down the lane, "the truth is here!"
"sorry sister, your a female.."
"jow did you notice?"
"okay be a boy I find such peace in your well being, happiness?...not you nor my self will succumb...we will capture several thousand moths once we find the correct habitat...then they know freedom...if that is possible, Alyssium flowers must be everywhere!.."
"awes...did you eat some?"
"fish you mean?"
"no, not you strange lady...I meant uhmm never mind!"
"so why so angry?"
"no, dear not angry...its my cat...he is learning the art of romance plus fighting..ughhh so mushy that one.."
"awes! the end is near!"
"ring your bell and go on walking speaking out loud, or not.."
the white mouse heard a bunch and tried to comfort a self distructing nature..."wheres Florance?"
no one but no one knew for sure, heaven...? "Perhaps...we she at least was pure and kind."
so the walking weed took off in a hurry...pretending to be a human...that's all!

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