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The Borgen Project: US Leaders can End Hunger

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 02:42 PM
The Borgen Project is a non-profit corporation working to bring public and political attention to relief issues through mass marketing. Instead of simply funding aid agencies the Borgen Project is addressing the source of the solution: the lack of public knowledge and political will to address these issues. The Borgen Project is basically an awareness campaign much like ATS.

Even multi-million dollar relief agencies are limited in what they can accomplish. The U.S. government is not. The nation has the political power and resources to eliminate some of the top global issues of our time. Rather than create another relief agency we decided to address the bigger picture, the lack of political will and the lack of public knowledge that allows these pressing issues to continue to exist during the most prosperous and technologically advanced time-period in history.

Their website consists of countless statistics ranging from the arms trade, to the iraq war, to global poverty and the costs of ending it.

• $416 billion: U.S. Defense Budget
• $165 billlion: U.S. Defense Contracts.
• $22 billion: Lockheed Martin's DoD contracts.

• $19 billion: Eliminate Starvation and Malnutrition
• $21 billion: Provide Shelter
• $30 billion: Retire Developing Nations Debt
• $10 billion: Provide Clean, Safe Water
• $21 billion: Provide Health Care and AIDS Control
• $4 billion: Remove Landmines
• $7 billion: Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
• $5 billion: Refugee Relief
• $5 billion: Eliminate Illiteracy

$4.4 BILLION: The cost of two
B-2 Bombers.

$3.2 BILLION: The annual
budget for the World Food
Program to assist 104 million
starving and malnourished
people in 81 countries.

Experts once argued whether Americans would finally grasp the enormity of the military budget when spending reached $100 billion. Now $416 billion, and candidates still arguing over who will spend the most, it would appear people still haven't grasped a budget beyond comprehension.

The U.S. accounts for almost
half of all military spending in
the world.

According to CDI, the U.S. military
budget is more than 37-times as large as
the combined spending of the seven
"rogue" states (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya,
North Korea, Sudan and Syria).

In what can only be described as
the most opportune time in
history: The United States can
end hunger worldwide and still
have by far the most expensive
military on earth.

This is one website I beleive we should all support and pass on to others.


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