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The Perfect Alien

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:15 AM
LMAO Jaykew, your propositions 1, 2 and 3 boggle the mind, we are talking about extra terrestrials are we not, not earth based crytids. How on earth (pun intended) do you manage those first three? please explain?
Your entire idea[1,2,3] assumes et are carbon based life forms, how the heck can you know or assume that?
thats like saying any planet capable of supporting life must be exactly like earth, thats pure assumption.


3. Have light and flexible bones more similar to cartilidge to guard against decomposing in zero-g, as well as to aid in the rigors of quick maneuvers as evidenced by sightings.

Thats assuming they dont have the means/tecknology to nullify the effects of G forces? Artificial gravity is possible so maybe that is too?

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posted on Jan, 23 2005 @ 05:27 AM
Jaykew you said:

here ya go .............Ive just described you and me

Here is something I came across:

Humans are Aliens to Earth ?
There is a growing belief that we, human are aliens to this planet. It is based on the discovery that comets could contain amino acids, the building blocks of life. It has been proved that amino acids can survive high impact collisions whilst onboard such objects. The experiment was carried out by NASA in America. If we arrived here by hitch-hiking then there's every bit a possibility that life like here on Earth exists elsewhere. The European Space Agency have begun a mission named the Rosetta project to investigate whether amino acids are found on comets. The comet that carried us here could have split into two during its journey through space. The other part would've landed on another planet therefore sprouting similar life. At the beginning, the life forms on our both planets would be the same but environmental conditions would cause both species to change in appearance. There are those who believe that we originated totally on Earth with no help from elsewhere. Maybe human amino acids arrived on the comet/meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. The suspected meteor crashed into the Mexican Gulf and as it hit the sea, our amino acids were washed off. Over the years the amino acids grew and developed into humans. Other suggestions are that we were seeded here by aliens from other worlds who wanted to preserve their own kind.

I have always been interested in this line of thought, my dad who I last saw when I was a young child, always maintained that he wasn't from this planet, a strange person to be sure, but was he mad?

My search for answers as always ongoing

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