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Hello again my ATS friends and family.

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posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 11:29 PM
Well, welcome back me! ...and my oh my has the site changed a bit. A glance at the terms&conditions tells me multiple accounts are a-OK so long as I'm not "talking to myself", so I've opted to just start with a new account. I was last on ATS a half decade or so ago, so a bit has changed, that or my memories were remotely altered by alien governments! For instance I didn't recall a rule that you can't use add-blockers before, which strikes me as odd as a believer in infinite freedoms, but I tend not to use one anyways since I personally prefer to passively support sites I traffic, plus you can always puke your tracking cookies up later.

So, in a fit of maddened excitement, not one induced by rational reason, but rather one of celestial alignments, proper barometric pressures, and ideal lighting conditions, I decided to poke my nose into ATS once more. One of the great paradoxes of our age, the information age, one in which information can be freely dispersed, yet through that dispersal knowledge of you yourself, of what you know, and of what you think of it, is simultaneously released. One in which in order to share knowledge and viewpoints you in turn expose yourself to the enhanced scrutiny of whomever our overlords may ultimately be. Still, we are blessed. Why communication technologies have allowed conspiracies of all shapes and sized to fly free and to dance even in mighty political arenas. Plus, lets face it, I connected to fall onto an NSA list long ago for the freedom of talking openly of such things for the sake of others. Knowledge hoarded can be used with surgical precision, but knowledge shared explodes with a far greater impact.

I've long believed that ATS is one of the best places to stay current on the news. The interests of the community as diverse as their members, even scarcely spoken of topics enter the field. Those diverse interests are then compounded with various viewpoints from the mainstream to those that the mainstream might argue advocates thereof ought to be institutionalized. I confess, I love the obsession with citations and accuracy of this site's denizens, but I must confess my inadequacies in that department, so as such I'll largely restrain myself to hurling out obtuse, and with luck, fascinating, postulates on well established (or at least conspiratorially so
) "facts"

In any case, happy ATS returning to me!
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posted on Jul, 13 2016 @ 01:59 AM
Oh, save yourself before it is to late. Leave now before it is to late, before the tendrials of political gobbldegook ensnare you. You managed to free yourself from this prison of mental torture, yet you return. Either you are completely out of your mind or you have come back to save us all.

I shall go forth and proclaim your return and announce our redemption from the slavery of mundane madness as practiced here. Oh thank you for your Second Coming.

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