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In a charmed world

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posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 09:40 AM

He looked down the podium where charmed ones had gathered;

"Running around in the world of charm is strange, i wasnt invited, i smashed my way in and someone took a notice of me and became my mentor..
The strange thing is, it was someone who was born with a legacy..
As a human with the flaws im given, i have to bear the cross of the darkness in my heart and its hard.. I know that all of you are charmed ones and most of you never believed in me, nor that i would, well, you thought i would fail..
Even though the understanding grew, the contempt grew with it against the justification of the word free.. You taught me obligations comes first, before your rights.."

I admire each and everyone of you, i look up to those who never faulter..

I will fail, its human, i will fall, its learning.. But i never gave up, i taught someone to become stronger and maybe someday, i can carry the legacy of my mentor "

He looked at his mentor;

" I hope one day i will make you proud "

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