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Orlando Killer Supported Hillary- Confirmed FBI Informant

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posted on Jun, 20 2016 @ 09:23 PM
a reply to: Swills

Back to the TOPIC that was about a known terrorist supporting another known TERRORIST


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posted on Jun, 20 2016 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: neo96
Of course he was her supporter. Why not? Her guy, Stephens was a major arms dealer to his buddies the terrorists that invaded the compound in Benghazi. Might be interesting to see how much his family has contributed to her campaigns?

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 05:32 AM
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a reply to: spiritualzombie
"Lock down of the internet is definitely on the list."

I am sorry for the german link, but here is what the EU is planning, please use a translator:[editby ]edit on 21 6 2016 by DerBeobachter because: (no reason given)

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 08:07 AM

originally posted by: IAMTAT

The Muslim man who tipped off the FBi to Omar Mateen - before Orlando shooting

The original story is from the Washington Post...It has been confirmed by an FBI official that this informant was close to Omar Mateen and was the man who first alerted the FBI ...

[Editor's note: A federal law enforcement official confirmed the author's cooperation to The Washington Post.]

...and to the fact that the Orlando killer was possibly becoming 'radicalized'...

That's when Omar told me he had been watching videos of Awlaki, too, which immediately raised red flags for me.

He told me the videos were very powerful. After speaking with Omar, I contacted the FBI again to let them know that Omar had been watching Awlaki's tapes.

Apparently, the FBI looked into the report...but found nothing actionable at the time.

...The informant went on to say that he would have political debates with Mateen and revealed Mateen was an avid Hillary supporter...

Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years.
I last saw him at a dinner at his father's house in January.

We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running - he liked Hillary Clintonand I liked Bernie Sanders.

This informant is a brave Muslim man who showed great strength and courage by stepping up and reporting his friend to the FBI after he felt Mateen may be in danger of becoming radicalized.

The entire article is well worth reading.

With 20+ minutes of the killer's 911 transcripts yet to be released by the DOJ...and knowing he was a passionate Clinton supporter...I can't help but wonder if the recordings may also include Mateen's statements of support of Hillary Clinton, in addition to his stated support of ISIS and al-Baghdadi.
THIS would be something this administration would definitely prefer to see kept out of the record.

So this guy was a "radical muslim" who supported a liberal woman for president?

That doesn't really seem like a likely story. Not even this fairly liberal woman can stomach Hillary for president.
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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 02:51 PM
The killers father turned up in the VIP seats at Hillary's latest rally. Very weird. Why would they have him there?

He's also visited the Whitehouse and Clinton on more than one occasion???

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