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Shouldave, Wouldave & Couldave (Poem)

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posted on Jun, 18 2016 @ 06:09 PM
If in your day,
You have said these words,
The consequences have been heard,
Shouldave, Wouldave & Couldave;

They come into play,
When the result is in question,
Creating a doubt or insecurity,
Most of the time the answer is,
Yes. I should have.
Yes. I would have.
Yes. I could have.

But, I did not because I can not because I will not,
Taking a chance when the outcome is in doubt,
The easy way is to avoid the bout,
If the harder they fall, the bigger they come,
Why ask why when the damage is done?

Second guessing in hindsight,
Leaves you blind and full of fright,
Life is full of twist and turns,
Every corner has a nook,
Self esteem is not a book;

Life is not supposed to be fair,
The choices are not supposed to be clear,
But when we make a decision to be,
Accept that choice and just be free.

‎Saturday, ‎June ‎18, ‎2016, 08:06:51 PM

posted on Jun, 18 2016 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: INEVERQUIT

S&F very nice!
edit on 6 18 2016 by Quantum12 because: (no reason given)

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: Quantum12

Thank you so much, you are very kind.

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