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"Shuttle UFO videos were mostly 'space dandruff.'"

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posted on Jun, 13 2016 @ 04:27 PM
It's tempting to dismiss a lot of the shuttle UFO videos as 'space junk' since there's so much of it up there, and several times I thought a big sighting was another passing satellite, but the speeds and distances are just too great. Any material objects seen for more than a split second out a spaceship window need to be in orbits parallel to the spaceship's path, either going to it, or coming from it, or from off of it. Unless they're really bright [like other rocket launches, or Iridium flares].

On shuttles it was mostly stuff shed by the shuttle itself, it's why I call it 'space dandruff', quoted [somewhat garbled] in a recent article. See

I'm not following all the contemporary ufo industry daily claims of ISS UFOs, except to make a larger observation.

Although the common explanation of shuttle UFO videos, as ice flakes, is subject to a lot of mockery nowadays, we should all realize there’s been a marked change in the visual nature of 'space UFO videos' since the shuttle stopped flying. Gone are the fleets of UFOs, the criss-cross drifting and zig-zagging of multiple objects seen on camera views.

This change has occurred since the ISS, unlike the shuttle, doesn't dump waste water, and rarely uses thrusters for attitude control. So naturally, pseudo-UFOs created by such prosaic factors on shuttle missions have ALSO stopped -- replaced by distinctive new features of the new optical systems providing continuous external views.

This fundamental qualitative shift of the appearance of 'space UFOs' that coincides with a fundamental technological change of spacecraft routine operations seems to me to a powerful argument that the videos are CAUSED by the technological features of whichever spacecraft was carrying the cameras.

If the videos were caused by factors external to the spacecraft [such as alien vehicles], why have they visually changed so dramatically?

posted on Jun, 13 2016 @ 08:07 PM
This seems logical to me. Unless there's little green men off camera applying space Head and Shoulders to stop the space dandruff. Yeah that's it..

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