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Global Dimming- BBC Horizon

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posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 09:27 AM
Dear group,

I posted this link [below] in ATS current events section as well because i believe the alarming nature of this breaking story is grounds for everyone to put aside immediate political differences and concentrate on the future of our species and this planet.
This being the cutting edge science section I hope you will take note and perhaps share your thoughts on the matter...which is Global Dimming

To preface...Earth receiving 10% less sunlight on average than in the 1950's
Reason: particle pollution and jet streams from air traffic
Implications: Earth is actually hotter than thought..meaning we are in serious, immediate, and more than likely irreversible trouble....

More to be found on the BBC Horizon site and by typing 'global dimming' in google.

Wishing all of you a cloudy day

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 05:01 PM
Hi there, fellow ats'ers

I just wached the bbc horizon program this evening, it was great but alarming.

the main factor and point of the program sumerizes as

global dimming is through pollutants (mainly soot,ash smog caused by large cities , car pollution /and the way clouds form. the more pollutants in the air develops different clouds which have smaller but more drops of water/rather than clean air which produces clouds with large droplets

the main differance being the polluted clouds /or smaller droplets but more of creates a kinda MIRROR that reflects sunlight

they have mesured this over 100 years?
using the pan evapouration meathod.

so the earth is getting cooler by this effect.

now then this is where the horror begins.

we have now got global dimming PLUS global warming.

now if we cut car emissions using (catalytic converters and greener fuel )and other such pollutants
this will reduce global dimming and has been proven.

scientists have now realized that if we slowdown global dimming.

the global warming will double

so global dimming (which will have disatorus effects) by masking sunlight actually counter acts global warming. so by using cleaner fuel and cutting air pollution and smog,
will warm the earth to more like the normal earth temp.

but this means global warming is far worse than we thought.

they said that by 2040 if we cut city pollution down. eliminating global dimming, the suns rays will be so harsh that most of europe will become desert plus the ice caps will be totaly gone!!! and hot countries will be INHOSPITABLE by that i mean no life could survive.

this isn't a theory. this is what will happen if we
cut pollution whithout getting rid of greenhouse gasses.

so all in all
whithout city pollution the state of global warming would be
at this time devastating to, life.

if any of you watched the program today maybe you can clarify
or interperate this better than i can.

but this is not to be taken lightly, the fammine in africa in the 1980's that killed a million people was a direct cause of global dimming.

blocking the light that usualy evaporated the atlantic? which inturn creates the "normal" monsoon that passes over that part of africa every year.

thus drought

shocking stuff

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 05:40 PM
FWIW, global dimming is discussed here:

and here

anf here

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