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Hungry for Survival

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posted on May, 17 2016 @ 11:10 PM

Imagine that Earth is a womb and each human is an embryo. At this stage in our development, we have more in common with a sand tiger shark than any higher form of life. Metaphorically speaking, we are eating ourselves alive before we ever get a chance to grow.

Two forms of within-the-womb cannibalism are known in sharks. The most extreme form of intrauterine cannibalism — in which the largest and strongest embryo actually consumes its lesser womb-mates — is termed "embryophagy" or, more colorfully, "adelphophagy" — literally "eating one's brother".

In order to survive, some eat and some get eaten. Nature has a way of reminding us that in order to survive, some sacrifices must be made. Humans can minimize those sacrifices if they work together and stay strong. Together we stand, divided we fall (together).

Our destructive ways are making it harder to thrive and our children are becoming more aware of the evil in this world. They learn to mimic what they see and eventually become destructive themselves. Without change, their ability to grow will be stomped out like a flower that never had a chance to bloom. Learn to be kind and fair. Stop eating each other and have a Snickers instead.

(just having some fun)

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